Famous Heart Surgeon, Panayotis Spyrou, Dies at 76

Renowned heart surgeon Panayotis Spyrou has passed away at the age of 76 years after suffering from health problems for a number of years.

He had founded the clinic for thorax cardiac surgery at the Papanicolaou Hospital in Thessaloniki in 1983, the first of its kind in the country.

Soon, it became the preferred transplant center in Greece.

The first open-heart surgery, the first heart transplant in Thessaloniki, the first placement of a mechanical heart in Greece, heart-lung transplants and lung transplants were some of the pioneering operations that were held in the unit-norm.

At that time, the clinic had 17 doctors and three to four heart surgery operations were held per day,a long with transplants of all kinds.

Spyrou conducted the clinic until 1997, when he became Professor at the University of Thessaly, a position which he later left.

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