Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Harry Hondros whose family owns Enfield Produce and Pets

Vasilis has recently interviewed Harry Hondros whose family owns Enfield Produce and Pets… Yes, a Greek pet shop in Sydney! Jam-packed with products and pets!

Vasilis believes Harry is one of the most colourful Greeks he has ever met, ‘When Harry was working in Tumut NSW (1960s), at the Excelsior Café, he became so much part of the local community that he played rugby league for the Wynyard Pub’s team, Wynyard Wobblers, became a bull-jumper at the local rodeo club, which competed in rodeos all over NSW (and even Queensland) and even trained in Ju-jitsu… which is simply amazing for any Greek migrant at the time.’ 

On a serious side, Vasilis greatly admires Harry and his family’s determination and love for their work. ‘Having to compete with the megastores such as Bunnings and Petbarn does not daunt them in any way; they provide the customer service and good quality products customers want and this is why they have such a thriving business,’ Vasilis explains.


Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Miltiade Miltiadou Milton’s in business in Tailoring in Belmore, Sydney

Vasilis recently interviewed Miltiade Miltiadou who is from Spathariko, Ammohosto, Cyprus, about the story behind his business, Milton’s Tailoring, which is in Belmore, Sydney. 

As Vasilis points out about his motivation to do this interview, ‘Tailoring is unfortunately a dying trade and Miltiade would be one of the last Cypriot or Greek tailors in Sydney; it was just an opportunity to get his story and his views about the changing fortunes of tailoring…’


Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Arthur Gerakas of Speedy Shoe Repairs in Ashfield

Vasilis continues on his merry way; this time he interviewed Arthur Gerakas of Speedy Shoe Repairs in Ashfield. It was Arthur’s brother-in-law, Elias Stavrou, who opened the shoe repair business in the late 1960s, and Arthur took over the shop in 1972, and Arthur’s son, Jim, has run the shop since the mid 1990s. Arthur continues working in the shop for a few hours a day, helping out Jim. 

The Gerakas family has seen a lot of changes to Ashfield over forty years; they are now the last Greek-run shop, of the post War generation, left in Ashfiled, as the Greek delicatessen shut shop about seven months ago. 

As Vasilis explains, ‘I call Arthur and Jim the dynamic duo; they are are great team..I also love the way the trade has passed down from one generation to the next; in this case, it is passing from Arthur to Jim’s hands, and the trade (and shop) survives to service the community.’


Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Michael Konitsas about the history of his shop, Botany Timber and Hardware

Vasilis recently interviewed Michael Konitsas, who is from Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos, about the history of his shop, Botany Timber and Hardware. In an age of hardware megastores, some things incredibly do not change, like this gem of a shop; Michael’s determination, care and love to keep his shop open and keep servicing the local area are must be admired… 

In the photograph is Michael Konitsas sharing a humorous moment with a customer…


Ο τελευταίος ρόλος του Στάθη Ψάλτη: Πλάνα από την ταινία «Νίκος Καζαντζάκης»

Οι ευρωπαίοι συμπαραγωγοί με τον Γιάννη Σμαραγδή και τους πρωταγωνιστές- συντελεστές της ταινίας.

Ο Στάθης Ψάλτης, ο οποίος απεβίωσε σήμερα σε ηλικία 66 ετών, δεν πρόλαβε να δει στις κινηματογραφικές αίθουσες την νέα ταινία του Γιάννη Σμαραγδή, στην οποία πρωταγωνιστεί.

Πρόκειται για την ταινία, «Νίκος Καζαντζάκης», η οποία αναμένεται να βγει στις αίθουσες το προσεχές φθινόπωρο με τον αγαπημένο ηθοποιό να υποδύεται το ρόλο του ηγούμενου της Μονής Σινά.

Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Kostas Anagnostou about his Handmade Shoes at Hurlstone Park

Another Gem of a Shop

Vasilis recently interviewed Kostas Anagnostou about his business, Con’s Handmade Shoes. 

As Vasilis explains, ‘Kosta has an amazing skill, which is so rare today, for making shoes. No task or job scares Kosta! At one point, he was making boots for Movie World so he was making Wonder Woman’s boots! When Kosta told me of his incredible works, I was simply gobsmacked!’ 

Vasilis also loved being corrected by Kosta when he complimented Kosta as being one of the last shoe repairers. Kosta politely replied, ‘No, Vasili, I am not a shoe repairer; I am a shoe maker…’ 

Does this make Kosta the last shoe maker in Sydney?


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