Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Kostas Anagnostou about his Handmade Shoes at Hurlstone Park

Another Gem of a Shop

Vasilis recently interviewed Kostas Anagnostou about his business, Con’s Handmade Shoes. 

As Vasilis explains, ‘Kosta has an amazing skill, which is so rare today, for making shoes. No task or job scares Kosta! At one point, he was making boots for Movie World so he was making Wonder Woman’s boots! When Kosta told me of his incredible works, I was simply gobsmacked!’ 

Vasilis also loved being corrected by Kosta when he complimented Kosta as being one of the last shoe repairers. Kosta politely replied, ‘No, Vasili, I am not a shoe repairer; I am a shoe maker…’ 

Does this make Kosta the last shoe maker in Sydney?


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