Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with John Glynatsis, who runs Saltwater Seafoods at Revesby

As it was Good Friday recently, it is only fitting to highlight a Greek seafood shop, as it will be teeming with customers for fresh seafood. 

Vasilis recently interviewed John Glynatsis, who runs Saltwater Seafoods at Revesby, and his father, Nikitas, who owned Saltwater Seafoods in Maroubra in the 1990s and has worked in the seafood shop industry for three decades. 

Nikitas’ story captures the hardship of the migrant experience; as his parents, siblings and he migrated to Australia in 1964, it was long after they arrived here that his father became very ill and then tragedy struck when he passed away. 

Being the eldest son in the family, Nikitas worked very hard (and so many jobs) to help out his family, so his story is about courage. 

Nikitas’s story is also about hope and determination to overcome adversities, as he succeeded in all facets of life, whether having a wonderful family or running his own business. 

Vasilis highlights the importance of family when he visited Saltwater Seafoods. As he explains, ‘What I loved about being at John’s shop was the three generations of family there: there was John and his wife, Elizabeth; John’s parents, Nikitas and Anthoula, helping out; and, as it was school holidays, John and Elizabeth’s children were there too. 

It was wonderful to see the hard work and strong spirit a family puts into their work.’


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