Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Georgiou family celebrating their 40th year of operation this year is Olympic Hardware in Lakemba

Celebrating their 40th year of operation this year is Olympic Hardware in Lakemba, run by the Georgiou family. Is there a more Greek name than ‘Olympic’? Tasos Georgiou named the shop after his beloved soccer team, Sydney Olympic, who started their NSL campaign that year too. 

Tasos and his son, Steliy, recount a great story about receiving correspondence from Australia’s Olympic Committee stating not to use the Olympic Games’ rings as a company logo as they were patented; they even had an issue with the name Olympic.

Tasos reaction was, ‘They can have the rings but who are they to tell me not to call my shop, Olympic- I am more Greek than them.’ 

Steliy has worked with his parents, Tasos and Georgia, ever since he finished high school in 1986, making this truly a great family business.  

After forty years, Tasos, Steliy and Georgia have acquired the invaluable experience and knowledge to provide a high-quality hands-on service to their customers- that’s what keeps them coming back!

We would like to wish Olympic Hardware a happy 40th and even happier returns.


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