Powerhouse Ploutarhos Giannis Ploutarhos, the golden child of Greek laika music, graced the Melbourne stage with class and finesse

Giannis Ploutarhos soaks up the adoration of Melbourne fans.

If anyone had any doubts as to how loved and revered Giannis Ploutarhos is, those doubts were put to rest with the incredible reception he received during his Melbourne concert last Saturday night.

The audience at the Westgate Entertainment Complex treated him like a much-loved son who had returned home, wanting to touch his hand, kiss him and take photographs.

The genuinely committed star was all too happy to oblige, and over the course of the night, fans were going up to the stage for seconds and thirds.

One adoring audience member went so far as to wipe his brow with her serviette and then keep it.

The love fest continued through the night, culminating in his visit to each and every table in the venue.

The crowd was so thick – ten people deep – like an unmovable wall, it’s amazing that he didn’t give up.

But he persevered, welcoming every photo, handshake, hug and kiss – his commitment was unwavering.

They should give him a medal for enduring it without once rolling his eyes or looking like he’d had enough.

But back to the music.

Ploutarhos’ repertoire is incredible.

It’s easy to roll off his hits – File, To Kalitero Paidi, To Gramma – but impossible to remember all of them.

Only when the hits kept coming, a tidal wave of recognizable top selling tracks – Ti Stavro Kouvalao, Ipirhan Orki, Fovame Pos, Se Kseperasa – do you realize what a lengthy and consistent career he has had, a legend of the Greek music scene with tremendous staying power.

In fact, while many singers end up repeating their best hits in the same concert, he in fact had cut major hits short – including File – just to squeeze them all in, not to disappoint.

His biggest hits are romantic ballads, and with his charming brown eyes pulling in the crowd, there was a lot of swaying and singing to be done.

Backed by an excellent 12-piece band, his second and final concert in Melbourne was a huge success.

He is truly a professional, maintaining a consistent level of energy and a solid connection with his audience.

As if his sweet nature and generosity of spirit wasn’t evident enough, the Vice President of the Agapi Care Foundation – a Greek Australian charity for which he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars – recited a poem that she personally wrote for Ploutarhos.

At first the crowd was unsure as to why the concert was being interrupted, but it ended up being a heartfelt moment with a moved Ploutarhos putting his hand on his heart in appreciation of her moving words.

It’s safe to say there was a lot of love in the room that night.

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