Greek Australian Funds Renovation of Historic Bridge in Lemnos

Source: greekreporter


The well-known music composer of Australia Pantelis Volaris, who is from the Greek island of Lemnos, founded the renovation of the historic “Kountouriotis Bridge” where the Greek admiral and naval hero Pavlos Kountouriotis raised the Greek flag during the Battle of Limnos in 1912.

This gesture was appreciated by the authorities of his homeland and Volaris came back to Melbourne excited and moved.

Volaris, who visits Greece every year, stayed in Lemnos until the 8th of October in order to be present at the celebrations of the local anniversary of October 8, 1912, when Lemnos became part of Greece, during the First Balkan War.

The residents of the island seized the opportunity to honor and express their gratitude to Volaris, who, on his own initiative, funded the renovation of that historic bridge of his village, while he also contributed to the erection of a monument at the seaside location of Vourlidia, where the liberation army of Pavlos Kountouriotis landed in 1912.

Obviously touched, Volaris thanked everybody for honoring him and wished that they would always celebrate this anniversary and remember the sacrifices the Greek people made.


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