Fire insurers doing right thing: NSW bushfire recovery co-ordinator Phil Koperberg

Source: News

NSW bushfire recovery co-ordinator Phil Koperberg has praised the response of insurance companies, saying he has heard no reports of difficulties so far.

Mr Koperberg, the former NSW Rural Fire Service commissioner, says insurers have been timely in assisting customers among the 208 victims of this month’s fires.

“They’ve been more than reasonably helpful in the main, and I’ve not heard of any exceptions,’ he told Fairfax Radio on Monday.

“… they have been very, very responsive, I know that a number of claims have already been settled.”

The real problem was with residents who were under-insured or un-insured and now needed aid to rebuild, he said.

“These people of course also need help and are entitled to help and it’s a complex issue,” he said.

Mr Koperberg said the bushfire recovery centre had information available on accommodation options and aid.

“Things are being made as relatively easy as they can be in extraordinarily difficult circumstances,” he said.

Damage from the NSW bushfires has been estimated at $138 million but the Insurance Council (ICA) of Australia on Friday said it expected the figure to increase with more inspections.

The state’s major fires, which are in the Blue Mountains and southern highlands, have all been downgraded to “advice” level warnings, under cooler, wetter weather conditions.

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