First Zakynthos Greek Jewish Survivors Located

Source: MykonosGuy

Meet Clara, Lea and Abraham– three of the 275 survivors of the Jewish community of Zakynthos who were hidden from the Nazis. Our set photographer and the newest member of the “No Man is an Island” team, Roy Schweiger, met them today and began preliminary interviews in Tel Aviv.

As we continue to raise funds for our short film about the survival of the Jewish community of the Greek Island of Zakynthos during the Holocaust, we’ve come into first contact with living, breathing Jewish survivors from the time– Clara, Lea and Abraham– who were 16, 8 and 10 years old respectively during the Nazi occupation when they were hidden.

Living in Tel Aviv and speaking only Greek and Hebrew, the three will be amongst many survivors the Steven Priovolos and I will tape during a visit to Israel in December to hear their stories about their lives in hiding in Zakynthos during the dark years of the Nazi occupation.

No Man is an Island will be a dramatic short, with actors, a definitive story based on a beautiful script written by Mia Christou and the actual footage of these survivors will not be used in the actual film. Their testimonies, however, will be included in bonus footage for educational purposes and for presentation on our website.

Please consider a donation to the No Man is an Island film project. Your donation is tax-deductible and will support an amazing story of humanity’s victory over hatred when the residents of a Greek Island stared Hitler’s tyranny and terror in the face and defied it point blank.

At a time when Greek ideals and the credibility of Greece itself is questioned due to the rise of unnatural and un-Greek new-Nazis– stories like No Man is an Island must make the headlines, instead of the vile and hate of those who disparage Greece. Help us.

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