Source: ABC

The season’s first symbolic tray of mangoes has fetched a record-breaking sum at an auction at the Brisbane markets at Rocklea on the city’s southside.

Mango producers and greengrocers celebrate the start of Queensland’s mango season by auctioning off a tray of the fruit in Brisbane each year.

After some confusion, well-known greengrocer Sam Coco won the tray of kensington prides with a bid of $76,000.

“I thought I had a bid, but however the other chap already had the bid and they restarted – unusual,” he said.

“However that got another $15,000 or $16,000 so I think it was the most exciting mango sale I’ve ever seen.”

Brisbane Markets Limited spokeswoman Vanessa Kennedy says the symbolic event has been running for 15 years.

“These are usually independent greengrocers – a lot of them want to be able to give back something to the industry and more than anything the charities that they do this for,” she said.

“There are actually plenty [of mangoes] in the stores at the moment, [but] this is the symbolic tray of mangoes.

“We like to do it a bit later in the season when the real flavour has occurred in the mangoes.

“You would be expecting these beautifully oval, flushed-in colour mangoes and they’re going to be juicy.”

The money will go to children’s charities Life Education Queensland and Redkite.

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