The Balkans Wars through Australian Eyes

The Balkans Wars through Australian Eyes’ is a bilingual presentation, giving Australian perspectives on the liberation of large parts of the modern Hellenic state: western Macedonia, the northern Aegean islands and southern Epiros.

October 2012 marks 100 years since the liberation of Thessalonike and western Macedonia.

The Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW, the Order of AHEPA (NSW and NZ) and the Australian Hellenic Council (NSW) have combined forces to present this unique event as part of the ‘Centenary of Thessalonike’ celebrations.

The newspaper reports published across Australia provide insights into the people and events of the time: who lived in Macedonia and the other regions?

Where were their loyalties?

What can we learn about Hellenism in the 21st century from Australian reporting on Hellenism a century ago?

These are the questions this fully illustrated presentation explores.

Join us as we explore our past to discover our future.

Date: Wednesday 10 October 2012

Venue: AHEPA Hall, Princes’ Highway, Rockdale

Time: 7:30pm


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