Greek ambassador visits Newcastle

Source: TheHerald



Scenes from the special liturgy attended by the ambassador of Greece to Australia Charalambos Dafaranos at the Greek Orthodox Church in Hamilton on Sunday. Picture: Phil Hearne

FOSTERING relationships with academics, the business community and “all walks of life” was on the agenda for the Greek Ambassador to Australia when he visited Newcastle at the weekend.

Charalambos Dafaranos led the celebrations for the National Day of Greece on Sunday at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles in Hamilton.

It was his first time in Newcastle and he said he was impressed with the vibrant Greek community and the strong and positive presence it held in the city’s culture.

He also talked about the strong economic strength of an industrial hub such as Newcastle.

“As you know Greece is counting very much on all the people who live overseas,” he said.

“Newcastle is a dynamic port and a very important outlet for coal exports.

“We are happy that the Greek shipping is a very important part of the business of transporting Australian exports overseas.”

Mr Dafaranos described the region as a “beacon of activity”.

“For us it is an opportunity to see all walks of life, meeting with all the professionals, a special focus on academia and the business community and also on the friends of Greece,” he said.

“We would love to have the opportunity to have more co-operation with our academics of Greek origin with the focus to have more scholarships and more scientific co-operation with Greece.”

“Every stone unturned is a missed opportunity, so the Greeks are covering all walks of life.

“I would never want to miss out on visiting such an important industrial hub.”

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