Symi photo shoot, day two; and help from Rhodes

The news this morning can start off in Rhodes where our leading man arrived safely yesterday. He was met and entertained by our Rhodes agent, Josephine Kelly, author of “From Lindos With Love.” (This is a novel set in Lindos, Rhodes, and it is a story in which Neil and I play a very small part.)

Kurtis Stacey and Josephine Kelly in Rhodes

While we are on the Rhodes side of things I should mention that Josie and her Rhodes contacts have saved the production a large amount of money. She was able to secure sponsorship for the transport and that’s a huge saving: you know how much it can be to get a taxi from the airport to the Old Town? Well, she organised several, and a van for the luggage and equipment, and yesterday for Kurtis, later for Rebecca and Richard, and then the same things again in reverse. So, I’d like to say a thank you to Rusticao Taverna for their generosity. Check out their website and plan a visit anytime when you’re in the Old Town, just passing through or staying for longer. And also to Romeo Restaurant who also helped provide transport and sent over some meals for the crew when they arrived the other night. The Greek hospitality vibe spreads far and wide.

Our international crew setting off in the morning. (Rodrigo (Spanish), Michaelis (Greek) and Felix (German))

And help and assistance is coming in more locally too. Last night around 10.15 one of our neighbours popped around to offer his help, for free, any evening after work, which was very kind of him.

Kurtis Stacey arrives on Symi today; Neil and Wendy will be going to meet him and then the poor chap with have about an hour to get settled in, come for his lunch and then get on set at Astrid’s house.

Meanwhile, Astrid will wake up to find her courtyard full of equipment before she takes her rescue dog Ginger across to Rhodes for the night and on to the plane tomorrow.

Ginger is off to live in Scotland with Vi and Co. who already have a few dogs, so she will be happy, though I think Astrid maybe a little sad for a while.

Neil uploading stills to the UK office; Alex wrangling the data. (Backing up the digital film files. Don’t press delete!)

For my part, I am making tomato soup and sandwiches and a packed lunch for everyone to take up to the Castro later, then I’ll be coming back to work on dinner.

Gerrie and Sue have done a fantastic job in setting up the catering and getting it running smoothly. I have a feeling all their carefully laid plans might now start going to (cooking) pot as I take over, but hopefully not.

For Neil, having become a ‘wafter’ yesterday he is now going to carry on his duties as Assistant DoP, stills, equipment mover, publicity photographer and everything else. He, like the rest of the crew, has a very busy day ahead.


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