Kasidiaris tweets from custody, where mobile phones are banned

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, one of more than 20 members of the neoNazi party arrested over the weekend has been sending messages via a social network from custody.

“Our crime was to tell the truth, that people followed us and we fought for a free Greece,” a message on Kasidiaris’s Twitter account said. “This fabrication against our popular movement will fail. The truth will win.”

The message claimed to have been sent from the holding cells of Greece’s anti-terrorist squad, located in police headquarters in Athens. Kasidiaris’s Facebook page was also updated with the message: «Golden Dawn will not yield.”

This raises questions about why Kasidiaris still had access to a mobile phone in custody as authorities are supposed to remove these items from suspects.

Pictures of Kasidiaris speaking on his mobile phone at Athens’s main court complex, where suspects were taken on Saturday afternoon have also been published.

Kasidiaris and his co-defendants are due to give their testimony on Tuesday.

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