Phone records back up criminal gang charges against Golden Dawn

Source: Ekathimerini

An investigation into the phone records of Golden Dawn members has revealed information that could lead to charges being brought against at least three of the neofascist party’s MPs, judicial sources revealed on Thursday.

Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Charalambos Vourliotis has been probing the phone records to find evidence that would allow party members and MPs to be tried for being part of a criminal organization, which carries stiff prison sentences. To proceed with such charges, there needs to be evidence that the violent attacks and other criminal behavior, such as extortion and bribery, were carried out according to a fixed pattern.

Wiretaps carried out by the National Intelligence Service (EYP) indicate that at least three Golden Dawn MPs were in direct contact with members allegedly involved in illegal activities, sources said.

Authorities are also considering probing bank accounts as part of their investigation.

The effort to pinpoint and remove any influence that Golden Dawn may have within the police force continued on Thursday with raids by internal affairs officers on precincts in western Attica. The police stations in Peristeri and Aegaleo were searched following complaints that officers there failed to investigate attacks on immigrants.

Internal affairs also searched the headquarters of the police’s anti-terrorist unit (EKAM) but sources said nothing suspicious was found.

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