How the Greeks colluded with Col Esterol to concoct the Richmond diet

Comino’s Oyster Saloon, aka The Sydney Oyster Saloon, 11 Woodlark Street, Lismore, 1904.
This was the first Greek feedlot on the North Coast of NSW, opened by the Kytherian, Panagiotis Emmanuel Kominos (Giraldis), in early 1903. The site was redeveloped in 1915 with the erection of the three-storey ‘Maloney Building’, still the most interesting building in Lismore and now in the hands of Peter Coronakes. (And the area of the street in front remains a designated taxi stand – sometime during WW1 Athena Andrulakis became a taxi proprietor, owning
up to three horse-drawn ‘hansom cabs’ licensed to operate from this Woodlark stand.)
Courtesy Richmond River Historical Society – Dawson Forbes Collection.]

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