LNP’s Michelle Landry leads in the polls with 41% of vote and Labor’s Peter Freeleagus is hanging in there with a total of 36.89% of the vote

Peter Freeleagus says he is playing catch up
Peter Freeleagus says he is playing catch up Kerri-Anne Mesner

UPDATE 7PM: ALMOST 10% of the votes for the seat of Capricornia has been counted and LNP candidate Michelle Landry is ahead with almost 41% of the votes

The online virtual tally room shows a swing of 5.07%.

Labor’s Peter Freeleagus is hanging in there with a total of 36.89% of the vote.

However Palmer United Party candidate Derek Ison and Katter’s Australian Robbie Williams hold almost 14% of the vote.

UPDATE 6.30PM: Here are all the Live Video streams for the rest of tonight’s coverage of Capricornia election day.

UPDATE 6PM: THE general consensus is that Labor will be out of government tonight as the count down to announce a winner for the seat of Capricornia begins.

Voting closed just minutes ago around Capricornia.

More updates to come.

UPDATE 5.40PM: LABOR candidate Peter Freeleagus says he feels he is trailing behind the LNP after visiting polling booths around Rockhampton.

“I’m playing catch up,” he told Morning Bulletin reporter Christine McKee.

“Capricornia is the powerhouse of Central Queensland … whoever wins tonight needs to rattle the cage,” he said.

UPDATE 4.30PM: CAPRICORNIA voters in Yeppoon slowly streamed into St Brendan’s High School to cast their votes, many of them saying it’s time to for change.

Bulletin reporter Austin King spoke to one property owner from Yeppoon who says he is uncertain about how his property investment business will go in the coming months because of the current economic climate.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, says his vote, in principle, is based on the need for change.

More updates from around the region to come.

UPDATE 3.40PM: CAPRICORNIA voters have flocked to polling centres today to determine who will be the next representative for the Central Queensland electorate.

The Bulletin online editor Kerri-Anne Mesner ran into ALP’s Peter Freeleagus at the Glenmore High School this morning.

A quick scout of other major polling centres showed parking troubles at Glenmore and Rockhampton High School.

While parks were hard to find at Emmaus College, there were spots to be grabbed by voters.

The rest of today’s coverage will included a Live Blog to cover the nation, Live Video streaming of action on the ground in Capricornia; and Twitter feeds of action and updates of results for Capricornia and Flynn.

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