Greek-Aussie Slate in Federal Elections

In the September 7 federal election for the 150 House of Representatives and the 40 Senate seat vacancies throughout Australia, 18 Greek and Cypriot Australian candidates from all political parties are asking for the vote of the Australian people.

In the event Arthur Sinodinos, Liberal Senator from NSW, is re-elected, he is expected to take over the Ministry of Finance.

Indeed, if the Coalition dominates it is very likely for Tony Abbott’s new government to have two ministers of Greek descent.

The Labor party seems to be really concerned about losing seats in South Australia, and one of those seats is that of Steve Georganas, Labor MP for Hindmarsh in Adelaide.

Georganas is competing with another Greek-Australian Hindmarsh candidate, George Melisourgos, from the Palmer United Party.

Among others, in Saturday’s elections those expected to be re-elected are Maria Vamvakinou, Labor MP for Calwell in Melbourne, Nick Xenophon, the Independent Senator in SA. as well as Sophie Mirabella, Liberal MP for the regional Victorian seat of Indi.

Greek Australian candidates at a glance

Australia decides

Labor’s Maria Vamvakinou.

When Australians go to the polls tomorrow they will have over 1700 candidates from more than 50 parties to choose from.
They include far-right fringe groups and everything from the Animal Justice Party and Smokers’ Rights to The No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics. Greek Australian candidates reflect that spectrum of political thought.


Steve Georganas

House of Representatives
Georganas won Hindmarsh by a margin of 6.1 per cent in 2010. A strong swing against Labor could see the much respected sitting member in trouble.

Maria Vamvakinou

House of Representatives
With a 20 per cent margin at the 2010 election this is one of Victoria’s safest seats for Labor. Unless a tsunami of disaffection with Labor is felt in her electorate Vamvakinou is likely to be heading back to Canberra.

Peter Freeleagus

The most recent polls showed Capricornia as one of at least four Labor-held seats that could fall to the Coalition in Queensland.


Sophie Mirabella

House of Representatives
Destined for ministerial office if Tony Abbott gets into the Lodge, Mirabella must first hold her seat. She won by a margin of 9 per cent last time around but up against a strong Independent this time it could be tight.

Arthur Sinodinos

Preferences of right-of-centre parties directed to One Nation leader Pauline Hanson could potentially upset the plans of John Howard’s former adviser. If returned he will become finance minister in a Coalition government.

George Souris

House of Representatives
Formerly held by Martin Ferguson, Batman has been Labor for all but two terms since 1910. Souris is hoping to improve on the third place he achieved at the 2010 election.


Nick Xenophon
South Australia
Xenophon won almost 15 per cent of first preference votes at the 2007 election. A split preference ticket will mean his excess votes flow to Labor and Liberal candidates before the Greens this time, potentially changing the balance of power in the Upper House.


Australian Christians
Danielle Canas

Running on a pro-Christian values ticket Canas is a former teacher.

Australian Christians
Frank Papafitou

In the Niddrie district By-election won by the ALP in 2012, Papafitou won 2628 votes after preferences – nearly 10 per cent of the vote.

Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
Manny Poularas
House of Representatives
Poularas is up against sitting ALP member and minister Chris Bowen who held the seat by 7.8 per cent in 2010.

Electoral Council
Costas Goumas

House of Representatives
Merimbula restauranteur Goumas is one of 8 candidates in this marginal Labor seat.

No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
Bill Koutalianos

Koutalianos is the co-founder and president of the party that does not accept the climate change ‘debate’ has been settled and describes assessments of global warming by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as “alarmist theories”.

Palmer United
George Melissourgos

House of Representatives
Business analyst Melissourgos wants “to see politics return to grass roots initiatives.”

Rise Up Australia Party
Melanie Vassiliou

House of Representatives
The socially conservative RUAP opposes the spread of Islam in Australia, same-sex marriage and multiculturalism.

Rise Up Australia Party
Peter Vassiliou

House of Representatives
The RUAP plans an overhaul of Australia’s media laws by restricting “immoral content.”

Socialist Alliance
Liah Lazarou

House of Representatives
The Socialist
Alliance espouses the nationalisation of mines, banks and energy companies. Power to the people.

WikiLeaks Party
Gerry Georgatos


From his enforced London HQ, Julian Assange leads a party that hopes to bring “transparency, accountability and justice” to Australian politics. In WA Georgatos has caused controversy by preferencing the Nationals over the Greens.

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