Nick Xenophon believes Brighton Caravan Park evictees have legal case

Source: News

Brighton Caravan Park

SA Senator Nick Xenophon is pledging his support for Brighton Caravan Park residents facing eviction. Mr Xenophon and Ken Rollond with some of the affected residents. Picture: Sam Wundke

BRIGHTON Caravan Park residents facing eviction may have grounds to pursue legal action, SA Senator Nick Xenophon says.

Senator Xenophon, a lawyer, met with the residents last week to offer support and discuss possible legal remedies available to them.

“There is a potential legal case,” he told the Guardian Messenger after the meeting.

“We need to get all of the facts on the table and get advice from a barrister so my job now is to collate all the information.”

Mr Xenophon said the legal issues were complicated, and he would again speak with the tenants this weekend to garner more information, before deciding how to proceed.

Senator Xenophon hoped the council and the tenants could reach a compromise which would rule out legal action.

“I really want there to be a negotiated outcome,” he said.

About 40 permanent residents of the seafront park were told by the council in January their leases, which expire on July 1, would not be renewed, to make way for a $3 million redevelopment of the park.

Mr Xenophon also met Holdfast Bay chief executive Justin Lynch and deputy mayor Rosemary Clancy.

“It was a constructive meeting that shows the council is willing to talk,” Senator Xenophon said.

Cr Clancy said the council had informed Mr Xenophon about the council’s offer of help to relocate the tenants.

“It was a very good meeting which recognised the need for the redevelopment,” she said.

“We assured him of our flexibility with arrangements for each individual affected by the change.”


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