Bassike, Camilla and Marc and sass & bide team up for Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Telethon

Source: TheDailyTelegraph

SYDNEY’S top designers are uniting to support the Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Telethon fundraiser on June 10.

Bassike, Camilla and Marc and sass & bide have teamed up with babywear brand Marquise to create a line of limited-edition bodysuits. The screen-printed designs will go on sale tomorrow with 100 per cent of sales going to the charity.

Candy Weinbren, the mother of one of the poster children for the campaign, Max Jesse said she wanted to show her support to the campaign and the hospital, which helped when her one-year-old son fell ill.

“When Max was only two weeks old he had bronchiolitis and it was so reassuring to have a world-class hospital on our doorstep,” she said.

“We were so lucky but there are so many children who are sick and in the hospital for long periods of time so I wanted to do anything I could to help.”

Over the next month the bodysuits, worth $24.95, will available to purchase through

ΜΠΛΕ – Νέο Video Clip, Εγώ Μπορώ Και Μόνη 2013


Ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα ελληνικά συγκροτήματα, οι Μπλε, επανέρχονται δυναμικά με το ΝΕΟ τους video clip για το single «Εγώ Μπορώ Και Μόνη»!

Το κομμάτι κυκλοφόρησε πριν λίγες εβδομάδες και είναι διαθέσιμο για free download μέσα από την επίσημη ιστοσελίδα των ΜΠΛΕ, ! Θα περιλαμβάνεται στο νέο τους album που θα κυκλοφορήσει μετά το καλοκαίρι.

Την οπτικοποίηση του τραγουδιού ανέλαβε η Κλεοπάτρα Κοραή και η ομάδα της.

Δείτε το video clip:

Greek bill opens way for 15,000 job cuts

Source: TheAustralian

Protesters shout slogans during a rally outside Greek parliament

The Greek parliament approved 15,000 civil service layoffs in return for more EU/IMF bailout money. Source:AAP

THE Greek parliament has voted to adopt a law providing for the dismissal of 15,000 civil servants as part of austerity measures imposed by the country’s international creditors.

After heated debate during an emergency session on Sunday, 168 deputies voted for the bill, with 123 voting against and one abstaining as the opposition proved powerless to stop cuts the government insisted were needed to keep the country afloat.

The new law overturns what had been a guarantee of a job for life for workers in Greece’s notoriously bloated civil service.

Around 800 people turned up outside the parliament to protest against the measure in a demonstration called by trade unions.

The bill provides for the dismissal of 15,000 civil servants by the end of 2014, including 4000 this year, to meet terms set by Athens’s creditors for billions in bailout loans.

Private union GSEE said the bill would only worsen Greece’s dire unemployment rate, which currently stands at 27 per cent.

Slashing an unwieldy public service is a condition set by Greece’s so-called “troika” of creditors – the International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank – to unlock loans of 8.8 billion euros ($A11.23 billion).

The EU and IMF have committed a total of 240 billion euros in rescue loans since 2010, with the heavily indebted country obliged to pursue austerity measures in exchange for the international aid it needs to avoid bankruptcy.

The new law will speed dismissal procedures, which previously made it impossible to sack civil servants and saw the public sector swell over the years as every new administration brought in its own people.

Employees who have been disciplined for corruption or incompetence and those working for one of dozens of shuttered government agencies will be the main targets.

The law, which was written in a single article to force MPs to adopt all its provisions together, also extends weekly working hours for teachers, opens a number of professions to competition and reduces a controversial property tax by 15 per cent.

Another section creates new payment terms for unpaid taxes, intended to help the government recover billions of euros owed by indebted companies and households.

The main opposition, radical leftist party Syriza, tried unsuccessfully to block the use of an emergency session to adopt the law, which it argued was unconstitutional.

Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said the emergency session was necessary because his eurozone counterparts “must come to a decision Monday on continuing loan disbursements … that Greece needs to pay salaries and pensions”.

Opposition parties also condemned what they said was a last-minute amendment introduced by Stournaras slashing the monthly minimum salary from 580 euros to 490 euros.

Eurozone finance ministers are expected to decide on the next instalment of aid for debt-ridden Greece at a meeting on May 16.

The government has imposed tough austerity measures in return for aid, including cuts in pay and pensions leading to numerous general strikes.

St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church in Burwood has received a $43,888 state government grant

Source: burwoodscene

Fr. George Liangas takes NSW Treasurer, Mike Baird and Strathfield MP, Charles Casuscelli on a tour of St. Nectarios.

Fr. George Liangas takes NSW Treasurer, Mike Baird and Strathfield MP, Charles Casuscelli on a tour of St. Nectarios.

Greek Easter gift

As a welcome gift before Greek Easter, St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church in Burwood has received a $43,888 state government grant under the annual Community Building Partnership program to improve its outdoor area and will include a ramp for better access.

Fr. George Liangas takes NSW Treasurer, Mike Baird and Strathfield MP, Charles Casuscelli on a tour of St. Nectarios.

Strathfield MP Charles Casuscelli and NSW Treasurer Mike Baird attended the church on April 11 to announce the funding.

“Fourteen projects in our local community will receive a total of $300,000 to improve their facilities and offer more services to local residents,” Mr Casuscelli said.  “The support of both faith based groups and other community agencies of those in need throughout our community has always been invaluable.”

St Nectarios secretary, Christina Ethymiades, and Parish Priest, Fr George Liangas said the funding will be spent on improvements to the courtyard, provide shade cover, replace the wooden seating and an access ramp.

“The work will greatly improve the amenity of the courtyard and make it more accessible and inviting for all,” Father Liangas said.

St Nectarios was originally built as a Methodist church in 1878 and became a Greek Orthodox church in the late 1960s.

Other recipients are;

Strathfield Recreation Club: $48,500 to replace chain-wire fencing around the courts.

Burwood Community Welfare Services: $40,000 for refurbishments.

Croydon Uniting Church: $34,000 for an accessible toilet block and access ramp for seniors.

St John’s Pre-school, Ashfield: $30,000  to upgrade the pre-school bathrooms.

St Paul’s Anglican Church Community Hall, Burwood: $24,496 to upgrade child-care facilities.

Burwood Park Community Centre: $15,870 for refurbishments.

All The Saints of Russia, Croydon: $11,647 to refurbish the community hall.

St Anne’s Anglican Church, Strathfield: $11,000 to paint and restore the church roof.

St John’s Anglican Church, Strathfield West: $10,000 to refurbish kitchen facilities.

St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church, Croydon: $10,000 to upgrade the youth and children rooms.

Wesley Mission, Ashfield: $7,415 to upgrade a unit in support of homeless people.

Strathfield Croquet Club: $2,500 to upgrade the interior of the clubhouse and install air-conditioning.

2013 Miss Greek competition raises over $66,000 for cancer research

Source: dailyuw

Miss Greek

Miss Greek -Elizabeth Rodland was crowned Miss Greek 2013 on Sunday night at Meany Hall. Photo by Eli Chin

Six months ago, freshman Elizabeth Rodland wrote a letter to her sorority, Alpha Phi, explaining why she thought she’d be a good representative of her house in the 27th-annual Miss Greek pageant.

Now, the freshman can count herself among the years of winners, after being crowned Miss Greek 2013 on Sunday night at Meany Hall.

“I’d just been looking to put my time toward something fulfilling,” Rodland said.

Since 1986, the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity has been running Miss Greek each spring to provide monetary support for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. This year’s Miss Greek, organized by juniors Damon Acoba and Conrad Pendergast, brought 12 UW sororities and the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity together to showcase talent and passion for philanthropy.

The three-hour pageant was the culmination of six months of fundraising and preparation.

Like the 11 other contestants, Rodland was determined to raise at least $7,000, the fundraising goal for all of the participants, to help fund research to eliminate cancer.

Rodland said her determination came from Marques Weekly, one of her best friends from high school who passed away last year. Both of them had a passion for running, which Rodland shared as her talent in a video.

“I wanted to make him proud,” Rodland said. “He was my motivation through the entire philanthropy.”

Miss Greek candidates work with their houses to fundraise in a variety of ways, from waffle feeds to emailing friends and family to contacting businesses. Hannah Johnson, who represented Chi Omega, sent letters via snail mail to more than 1,000 people, including friends, family, and Chi Omega alumni.

“Raising money for cancer research is a great way to unify the Greek community because everyone has been touched by cancer somewhere in their lives, and everyone is willing to support this cause,” Pendergast said.

This year’s Miss Greek pageant raised more than $66,000. Alpha Delta Pi representative Sara Shokouhi was the top-fundraising contestant, having collected double the amount of the original goal, and Rodland raised more than $11,000. In its 27 years, Miss Greek has raised more than $1.6 million for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

“It astounds me every year how much effort and time these young women put into fundraising and Miss Greek each year, whether they’ve been touched by cancer or not,” said Jennifer Pawlosky, the director of development communications and marketing for Fred Hutchinson. “Without private support, we would not be able to pursue breakthrough research, which makes Fred Hutch Fred Hutch.”

For Rodland, the pageant has been more meaningful than she had imagined it would be in the fall.

“[Miss Greek has] just been the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had my freshmen year of college,” Rodland said. “I think it’s incredible we’ve raised $66,000.”

Coffs Coast Greeks cooking up an Orthodox Easter

Source: coffscoastadvocate

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THE Coffs Coast’s small but passionate Greek community is gearing up for a weekend of celebrations.

The Orthodox Easter is being marked this week with a traditional Greek luncheon at the Aero Club on Sunday.

Angie Gibson, who is among those organising the party, said Coffs Harbour is home to a number of third and fourth generation Greek families.

“My ancestors came to Coffs in the early 50’s but others had arrived in the 40’s to escape the ravages of the Second World War,” Mrs Gibson said.

“Last year we had around 60 people at our Orthodox Easter luncheon, and it would be great if other locals of Greek descent joined us.

Mrs Gibson said the city’s best Greek cooks were preparing a host of traditional dishes from lamb souvlaki to moussaka and baklava.

“The cost of the lunch is just $15 and we’re asking people to bring their favourite traditional dish for everyone to share.

“We don’t want any Greek salad however – that’s already taken care of.”

For more information call Angie on 0407665368 or Helen on 0422194204

Αυτές είναι οι πιο καθαρές παραλίες της Βόρειας Ελλάδας

Αυτές είναι οι πιο καθαρές παραλίες της Βόρειας Ελλάδας

Η Χαλκιδική έχει φέτος 30 καθαρές παραλίες! Δείτε ανά νομό τις βραβευμένες παραλίες σε όλη τη Βόρεια Ελλάδα:

Θεσσαλονίκη: Σερραϊκή, Ασπροβάλτα, Βρασνά, Σταυρός Κεντρική, Σταυρός Ανατολική, Σταυρός Δυτική, Αγία Τριάδα – Κοινοτική Πλαζ, Αγία Τριάδα – ΠΙΚΠΑ, Νέοι Επιβάτες, Περαία.

Χαλκιδική: Ιερισσός Δημοτική 1, Ιερισσός – Δημοτική 2, Ιερισσός Δημοτική 3, Καμπούδι 1, Καμπούδι 2, Καμπούδι 3, Ουρανούπολη 1, Ουρανούπολη 2, Ουρανούπολη 3, Άγιος Παύλος, Πόρτο Άγιο, Νέα Ρόδα 2, Στρατώνι, Κάμπος, Σάρτη 1, Συκιά, Τορώνη, Αρμενιστής, Πλατανίτσι, Πόρτο Καρράς 1, Πόρτο Καρράς 2, Ελιά 2, Μακριά Λαγγάδα, Λαγόμανδρα, Σάνη 2, Σάνη 3, Κρυοπηγή 2, Κρυοπηγή 4, Ελαιώνας, Νέα Ποτίδαια.

Έβρος: Δημοτική Πλαζ Αλεξανδρούπολης, Κυανή Ακτή.

Ροδόπη: Φανάρι – Camping, Αρωγή, Φανάρι -Δημοτική.

Ξάνθη: Μάγγανα.

Καβάλα: Αμμόγλωσσα – Κεραμωτή 1, Αμμόγλωσσα – Κεραμωτή 2, Μπάτης, Τόσκα, Αμμόλοφοι, Νέα Ηρακλείτσα, Νέα Πέραμος, Σαρακήνα. Θάσος: Μακρύαμμος, Χρυσή Αμμουδιά 2, Πευκάρι 2, Λιμανάκι, Πρίνος – Δασύλλιο 2.

Πιερία: Ολυμπιακή Ακτή, Περίσταση, Παραλία, Καλλιθέα, Κορινός, Λεπτοκαρυά 1, Σκοτίνα, Παντελεήμονας 1, Πλαταμώνας 1, Νέοι Πόροι.

Επίσης βραβεύτηκαν με Γαλάζια Σημαία δύο μαρίνες της Βόρειας Ελλάδας, της Σάνης και του Πόρτο Καρράς.

Η Καλομοίρα θα βαφτίσει στο χωριό της τα δίδυμα!

Η Καλομοίρα θα βαφτίσει στο χωριό της τα δίδυμα!

Η Καλομοίρα θέλει να βαφτίσει τα δίδυμά της στο χωριό της, στα Νιάτα Λακωνίας.

«Θέλαμε πολύ να γίνει η βάφτιση στην Ελλάδα, γιατί είναι η γιαγιά μου εκεί και κάποιοι άλλοι άνθρωποι που δεν μπορούσαν να έρθουν στο γάμο και λέγαμε μήπως το κάνουμε εκεί αλλά δεν ξέρω.Αν γίνει, θα γίνει το καλοκαίρι, αλλά θα δούμε.

Είναι πολύ μικρά και είναι έγκυος και η κουνιάδα μου και λέμε να είμαστε όλοι εδώ. Δεν είμαστε σίγουροι», είπε στο δελτίο ειδήσεων του Star!

«Νονοί των μωρών θα είναι οι κουμπάροι μας, ο Αγάπιος και ο Γιώργος και θα έχουμε και δύο γυναίκες για να έχει το κάθε παιδί για νονούς ένας κορίτσι και ένα αγόρι. Έτσι πήρα την αδελφή μου και την ξαδέλφη μου την Ελένη» τόνισε η τραγουδίστρια!

Όσο δε για τα κιλά που πήρε κατά τη διάρκεια της εγκυμοσύνης της δήλωσε: «Προσπαθώ να χάσω τα κιλά της εγκυμοσύνης. Πήρα πάρα πολλά. Ήμουν σχεδόν 90 κιλά. Έχω ακόμα πολλά να χάσω. Έχω προπονητή που κάνουμε γυμναστική μαζί και τρώω σωστά, ψάρια, φρούτα και βιταμίνες».


Η τραγική ιστορία του Έλληνα ηθοποιού που υποδύθηκε τον Χριστό

Η τραγική ιστορία του Έλληνα ηθοποιού που υποδύθηκε τον Χριστό

Η μεταφορά του ”Χριστού” στην ελληνική τηλεόραση και τα αληθινά ”πάθη” του Αλέξη Γκόλφη.

Η σειρά ”ο Χριστός ξανασταυρώνεται” ήταν σταθμός στην ελληνική τηλεόραση και ήταν βασισμένη στο ομώνυμο βιβλίο του Νίκου Καζαντζάκη. Η σειρά προβλήθηκε την σεζόν 1975- 1976. Η σκηνοθεσία ήταν του Βασίλη Γεωργιάδη και πρωταγωνιστούσαν οι: Αλέξης Γκόλφης, Κάτια Δανδουλάκη, Λυκούργος Καλλέργης, Ανδρέας Φιλιππίδης, Γιώργος Φούντας, Γεωργία Βασιλειάδου και πολλοί άλλοι.
Αξίζει όμως να σταθούμε στον Αλέξη Γκόλφη, τον ηθοποιό που έπαιξε τον ρόλο του Μανωλιού-Χριστού.

Ο Αλέξης Γκόλφης γεννήθηκε στις 9 Μαρτίου του 1948.
Ξεκίνησε το 1973 να παίζει μικρούς ρόλους στην τηλεόραση με την καθοδήγηση του Βασίλη Γεωργιάδη.
Το 1975 υποδύθηκε τον Μανωλιό-Χριστό στην επιτυχημένη σειρά ”ο Χριστός ξανασταυρώνεται” και η ζωή του άλλαξε σε μια νύχτα. Όλη η Ελλάδα τον κάνει είδωλο, τον προσκυνούν του φιλούν τα χέρια και τα πόδια. Παίρνει χιλιάδες γράμματα λατρείας για το πρόσωπο του, αλλά και συμπάθειας για την εξέλιξη της σειράς όπως τον αφορισμό που δέχεται από τον παπά-Γρηγόρη (Λυκούργο Καλλέργη). Ακόμα και ξόρκια δεχόταν για τα δεινά που τραβούσε σαν ήρωας της σειράς.
Ο ρόλος αυτός τον σημάδεψε και τον ακολούθησε σε όλη την ζωή του. Ταυτίστηκε μαζί του. Χάθηκε μεταξύ ρόλου και πραγματικότητας. Έμπλεξε με ναρκωτικά και ζούσε σαν ρακοσυλλέκτης. Έφυγε το 2007 άστεγος και μόνος σε ένα εγκαταλελειμμένο σπίτι κάπου στην πλατεία Κολιάτσου. Για 2 μήνες έμεινε στο νεκροτομείο μιας και κανείς δεν τον είχε αναζητήσει. Η κηδεία του έγινε με δαπάνη της ΕΡΤ.
Έμεινε όμως στο Ελληνικό τηλεοπτικό πάνθεον ως ο μόνος Έλληνας ηθοποιός που ενσάρκωσε τον Χριστό και μάλιστα με τεράστια επιτυχία.



Featuring special guests NICK GIANNOPOULOS + VINCE COLOSIMO + ALEX DIMITRIADES (yes all 3 of them)

For the first time in Australia, the Kings of Mykonos, the wogboys, the stars of your favourite movie come together in a club event not to be missed

Plus Superstar dj lineup:

KRAZY KON (International dj – AUS,NZ,USA + ‘GREECE ‘CD series

EXARHOS (International dj- XClub Kos, GR)


ARTY GROOVE featuring Priscilla Martinez live vocals



Playing the hottest greek beats and international house hits

Tickets: $40 online | $45 booths tables | $50 at door

For tickets Call 0418 451 481 or buy online

VIP booths and table reservations (Tapas menu available)

Greece 2013 Launch

WIN signed Kings of Mykonos DVDs

Doors open 9.30pm | 18+ ID essential