The Hellenic Initiative announces the winners of its 2013 Greek entrepreneur award

The winners of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award

The Hellenic Initiative announced the four winners of its 2013 Hellenic Entrepreneurships Award at a special gathering in Athens this week.

The winners are:

Giorgos Terizakis and Angeliki Tsimpli of Stella Mar, a seafood business focused on sardines and anchovies from the Greek seas. Stella Mare fillets and organically processes the fish, preserving the finished product in a unique blend of organic olive oil, vinegar, herbs and spices. They will receive award funding of 190,000 euros.

Ekaterini Rantou and Theodora Efthimiou of the Corfu Living History Museum. They will receive 145,000 euros to recreate the environment of an historic mansion on Corfu. The Living History Museum will depict the everyday life of 19th century nobility. It will include animated figures and the essences and sounds of the age to create an authentic and involving experience.

Margarita Vitali Sarantopoulou will receive 130,000 euros for her Great Catering, a catering concept for corporate or private entertaining. Great Catering does not utilize standard menus but offers a wholly bespoke service with a special emphasis on presentation, based on the host’s individual preferences.

Yiannis Broustas, George Lentzas and Leonidas Garyfallos won 110,000 euros for their smartphone and tablet application RabT that generates a curated video sequence for every user based on a dynamic algorithm that analyzes users’ profile and feedback on every video watched.

The award

This is the first annual Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award program organized by the Hellenic Initiative, a global, non-profit, non-governmental secular institution founded earlier this year.

Not only will the winners secure the funding they need to create and grow their business, but they will also receive mentoring from experienced business leaders and a full range of business support services.

The Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award is funded and administered by the Libra Group (an international conglomerate, has its origins in Greek shipping), which has committed more than five million euros to the award. Other supporters include the Australia-based property investment and development company, Jalouise Pty Ltd, which has contributed $500,000 to the program.

“The judges were extremely impressed with the creativity and thoughtfulness displayed by the winners’ business plans. All of them are smart business ideas grounded in the pragmatism and financial prudence essential to business success. We hope that the funding and support provided by the award will help each business to achieve its goals,” said Jimmy Athanasopoulos, the director of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award.

The winners were chosen on the basis of their business plans which demonstrated innovation, job creation, financial discipline, sustainability and social responsibility. In addition to the business funding.

“These entrepreneurs represent the future of Greece. We are proud of their courage and their commitment to building strong businesses as the foundation for economic renewal in Greece and future prosperity for its people,” said Andrew N. Liveris, a founding member of The Hellenic Initiative.