April is National Poetry Month featuring Greek-American Poet Alexandra Kostoulas

Home. Not Home by Alexandra Kostoulas

I cried as the red moon rose.

We listened to mirologoi that

randomly came on my ipad.

We drank mavrodaphne and ate chocolate.

We spoke of the dead

and of our regrets and our hopes.

In my dad’s village—

where I belong

and where I don’t.
Meet the poet Alexandra Kostoulas

Alexandra Kostoulas is an award-winning writer of poetry, fiction and journalism. She is the founder of the San Francisco Creative Writing Institute and cofounder of the Mid-Market News. She has performed her work on stage locally and nationally and is currently working on finishing up her novel Persephone Stolen that weaves in tales of the Persephone myth, the immigrant experience and stolen artifacts. She teaches people to find their voice and unblock themselves creatively every day at Jack Grapes’ Method Writing Program and at SF Creative Writing Institute.

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