Athens to Host 1st Ministerial Conference of ‘Ancient Civilizations Forum’

Athens, on April 24, will host the first ministerial conference of the member states that comprise the Ancient Civilizations Forum (ACF Forum), with the participation of foreign ministers of ten countries (GC10), namely Greece, China, Bolivia, Egypt, India, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Mexico and Peru. 

The formation of the GC-10 (Great Civilizations) was an initiative of the Greek Foreign Ministry and involves ten member states with the longest cultural history.

The conference is taking place upon the initiative of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi and will mark the forum’s official launch.

The forum’s main objective is to bring together representatives of countries, which – although in various geographical regions – are considered “cradles of ancient cultures”, a Foreign Ministry announcement said.

Through a broad agenda of joint actions, the forum aims to “transform” culture into a source of power and a fundamental tool for introducing a contemporary, multifaceted foreign policy. 

The forum will also highlight the economic prospects of cultural synergies among nations.

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