Watch George Michael perform “I’m Your Man,” “Freedom 90” and “I Remember You” at London’s Earls Court on his last tour

Flashback: George Michael Plays Final Encore at Last Concert

The tour wrapped at London’s Earls Court on October 17th, 2012. A fan caught most of the encore with a cellphone camera, which you can watch right here. It begins with a medley of “Amazing,” “I’m Your Man” and “Freedom! ’90,” some of the only originals he played all night. It wrapped up with a cover of the Victor Schertzinger/Johnny Mercer 1941 pop song “I Remember You,” which has been covered by everyone from Doris Day to Kenny Rogers. The lyrics take on a new poignancy when you know it’s the last thing he ever sang in public. “When my life is through,” he sings. “And the angels ask me to recall/The thrill of them all/Then I will tell them I remember you.”

Over the next four years there were constant rumors that Wham! was going to reform or Michael was going to head back on the road or record a new album, but there were also steady press reports that he was in failing health. 

Tragically, he died on on Christmas Day in 2016 of unknown causes. 

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