The Apostle Paul’s Burial Place

Saint Paul’s Cathedral Outside The Walls in Rome, Italy is according to tradition the burial place of the Apostle Paul.

Paul’s stone coffin was confirmed to be under the main altar in the basilica in 2006, and not long after carbon dating tests were performed on the contents inside the coffin which dated back to the 1st century confirming what tradition has been saying for almost 2000 years.

Paul was born Saul of Tarsus who had risen in Judaism and was the chief persecutor of Christians when he was converted on the road to Damascus when Jesus appeared to him.

He wrote letters which make up close to half of the New Testament Scriptures, and other than the resurrection of Jesus, his conversion and influence is considered by many to be one of two pillars the Church of Jesus Christ is built upon.

Relics found in this church include Saint Paul’s staff, a piece of the cross Jesus was crucified upon, and bones from Timothy, Andrew, Bartholomew and Saint Matthew.

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