A Melodifestivalen Wedding? Helena Paparizou plans to marry after contest

Source: wiwibloggs.com

A Melodifestivalen Wedding? Helena Paparizou plans to marry after contest

As you all know, Helena Paparizou, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, will participate in this year’s Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection. It seems that 2014 will bring her only happiness, as it is highly rumoured that she is getting married to her longtime boyfriend Andreas Kapsalis.



The couple has not decided on the dates, as their wedding plans will be affected by Helena’s future in the Eurovision Song Contest. They want their marriage take place in late spring or during the summer. However, dates will change if she wins Melodifestivalen, and the opportunity to represent Sweden at Eurovision in May.



Helena would love to marry Andreas in her birthplace, Oksia, the village in Karditsa (Central Greece) where her father grew up. The marriage can also take place in Aigina, the island where the groom comes from, or Athens, where they both spend a great deal of time.



Born in 1970, Andreas is a successful business man in Greece. He comes from a prosperous family, with two other brothers, both of whom have also found great success. Having studied finance in the University of Athens and technology in Zyrich, he has worked as Construction Site Manager and Project Manager in his father’s company. He has been very close to his brothers, especially after their father died. At the age of 18 he already knew that he was going to have golden future. He knew that the resume was more important than playing sports or having relationships with girls. That demonstrated his focus. Now he promises that he will take care of Helena.

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