Ice cream hits the spot at CanTeen

Source: Sunshinecoast

THE daily stresses of living with cancer were washed away with a scoop of ice cream by the beach for a group young people visiting the Sunshine Coast.

Wendy’s Ice Cream brought a sweet treat to 65 children and teenagers having a break at Dicky Beach as part of the annual CanTeen Summer Program yesterday.

Smooth and creamy ice cream was taken from the freezer, across the sand to the group in a surprise delivery.

The children spent the warm summer’s day at the Caloundra beach playing games and swimming on the second last day of the camp.

CanTeen is an organisation which supports, develops and empowers young people living with cancer.

The organisation runs the five-day overnight programs to provide much-needed relief for these young Australians.

An extra 23,000 young people every year have to face the challenge of dealing with cancer – whether they’ve been diagnosed themselves or a parent, brother or sister has the disease.

“A cancer diagnosis threatens the security of a young person’s world, leaving them feeling vulnerable, frightened and confused,” CanTeen programs officer Jaimie Trotter said.

“Attending a CanTeen program gives our members the chance to meet other young people who truly understand what they’re going through while also having some fun.

“The programs are free to attend and that’s why we’re so grateful for every donation we receive from the community and our corporate supporters such as Wendy’s.

“The programs wouldn’t be possible without them.”

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