”I wasn’t prepared for the breast pump!”: Peter Andre on becoming a father for the third time

Source: mirror.co.uk

The Mysterious Girl singer reveals he had a meltdown in Mothercare

Naw. Don't they look lovely together?

Naw. Don’t they look lovely together?

Peter Andre has revealed he wasn’t ready for the trials and tribulations that come with breast-feeding.

The Mysterious Girl singer told OK Magazine: “I had a meltdown in Mothercare. I wasn’t prepared for the breast pump, I nearly passed out when I saw it.

“This is the first time I’ll experience breast-feeding, so I needed to ask lots about that.”

Peter, who already has a son, Junior, 8, and a daughter, six-year-old Princess, with first wife Katie Price, is expecting his first child with girlfriend Emily in January.

Speaking about the sex of their baby, Peter said: “I did want a boy because I always dreamed of taking him fishing and things. I’m so close to Princess and Junior and they offer different things.

“Junior loves fishing and Princess likes making cakes and drawing. Princess has said, though, that if it’s not a girl, she’s not interested because she only has brothers and is desperate for a sister! But I’d be happy with either. We are so blessed.”

OK! Cover 31.12.13

“I feel bad saying I’d like one or the other because the most important thing is for the baby to be healthy,” Emily added. “But part of me would love a girl because with four brothers, I’ve grown up with football, rugby and cricket. I’d love a girl to take to ballet. But at least I know how to deal with boys!”

The 24-year-old medical student reveals her parents were delighted when she told them she was pregnant.

“They were excited. They love kids and have five of their own, plus my mum is a paediatrician. I’ve got such a good relationship with my parents, so I knew they’d be lovely about it. I called my mum as soon as I found out.”

She added: “They were so happy and excited for us, but of course they thought about my degree. But we booked a meeting with the university to go over it. That was the only serious discussion we had. They were never upset. And it happens quite regularly at uni apparently!”

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