Paul Walker’s Daughter Has Greek Origins



The famous actor Paul Walker, whose tragic death stunned Hollywood and thousands of his fans all over the world, has a connection to Greece.

Walker had revealed in an interview, that his daughter Meadow Rain Walker, age 16, is part-Greek.

The actor became a father when he was 25 years old while dating Rebecca McBrain, the mother of the girl. McBrain is half-Greek half-Swedish; her father was a Greek with the last name Sotiropoulos.

Rebecca and Paul were never married. In fact they separated right after their daughter’s birth.

McBrain had been living in Hawaii with their daughter. However, they had recently moved to California because Meadow loved her dad very much and wanted to be close to him.

Walker, in an interview he had given to Greece’s MTV show “Movie & Stars,” among other things, said: “Greece is my place. My daughter has Greek origins as her mother is half Greek, half Swedish. Her maiden name is Sotiropoulos.

I visited Greece as well during the summer Olympic Games, back in 2004.”

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