Nick Xenophon calls for Senate Inquiry into GM crop farming


Senator Nick Xenaphon Senator Nick Xenaphon

CONCERNS over genetically-modified crops are again hitting the headlines as Independent senator Nick Xenophon calls for a Senate Inquiry into GM crop farming and what it can costs their non-GM farming neighbours.

Mr Xenophon is inspired by a case due to his the West Australian Supreme Court next year in which a farmer lost his organic certification after a neighbour’s GM crop spread on to his property.

The organic markets he profited from were now closed to him and he claims 70% of his property was affected.

The inquiry, Mr Xenophon said, needs to review the regulations around GM farming so those unwillingly affected can seek compensation without having to fight an expensive court battle.

“Certainly if someone has to pursue their right through a multi-million dollar court case, it is beyond the means for almost any farmer in Australia,” Mr Xenophon said.

The Senator expects to launch the inquiry once the WA case wraps up.

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