Interview with Bill Pantazis as Gotta ‘B’ George Michael


30 Years of Music with George Michael

Gotta “B” George Michael Photo: Michael Cairns (George Michael Video: – promo video link of Bill as George at bottom of article)

Bill Pantazis as Gotta "B" George Michael

Bill Pantazis as Gotta “B” George Michael, Photo: Michael Cairns

On Dec. 2, 2013, was privileged to interview a tribute artist to legend pop star George Michael. The celebrity tribute artist is Bill Pantazis, aka Gotta “B” George Michael.

Pantazis hails from Vancouver, B.C., but he travels anywhere and everywhere paying tribute to the mega pop singer.George Michael’s career, with bands, started in 1979. His solo career began in 1987, but according to Pantazis it wasn’t until 2007 that he, himself, began paying tribute to George Michael. Turns out, too, they have a lot in common!

“George and I have many similarities. One includes our Greek heritage linking us both to Cypress. We also have a similar build and eye color (hazel), and we’re both born in June with the same zodiac sign!”

It all began when Pantazis entered a lookalike contest, and even though he did not win, it opened opportunities. One of those opps included doing a TV commercial.

“After the contest and commerical, I went on to become a professional celebrity impersonator.”

From then on Pantazis began paying tribute to Michael at weddings, birthday parties, fund raisers and more. This fab singer finds time to “be”- Gotta “B” George Michael, plus work a full time job.

In addition, this George Michael tribute artist began mingling with other celebrity tribute artists and attending lookalike conventions. That, however, did not begin until a couple of years ago.

“I started going to conventions in 2011. I attended my first, the CIC (Celebrity Impersonators Convention), and The Reel Awards in Las Vegas. Later, and most recently, I attended one in Orlando, Fla. called the Sunburst Convention. I not only get to perform at them but I make wonderful contacts, network, attend seminars, get professional photos, meet agents, producers…!”

When asked about any future gigs on the horizon, Pantazis told us that later this month he will be singing part of the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?” by Band Aid. That event will be a talent show at a TV station in Vancouver.

Thank you Bill Pantazis for sharing about this part of your life, a professional tribute artist. Fans look forward to more about Gotta “B” George Michael!

Enjoy video of Pantazis as Michael at Gotta “B” George Promo, and enjoy George Michael video “30 Year Anniversary” above under Gotta “B” George Michael photo image. Also enjoy a selection of photos of Bill as George in slideshow.

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