Two weeks for the opening of the 2nd International Colloquy in Sydney between 15 and 17th November


31 October 2013

The second International Colloquy with title: “Parthenon. An Icon of Global Citizenship” will take place at the University of Sydney between 15 and 17th November. The event is hosted by the International Organising Committee – Australia – for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles (IOC-A-RPM) with the support of the British and American Committees.

The event will be opened by the Premier of NSW, The Hon Barry O’Farrell MP on Friday the 15th of November at the Nicholson Museum (University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus).

A provisional program for the 3 day event is now available on the event’s website :

The organisers believe that the global community will be inspired to be part of the conversation, comprising a mix of lectures, visual presentations and workshops and wide public participation, through the use of the popular Social Media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Workshops, on the major themes of Education, Activism, Litigation and Economy, will be open to the online community around the world through the use of special hashtags (#). Workshop participants will be able to follow and discuss comments by the online community in real time.

Since mid-year the campaign for restitution has increased in pace. This Colloquy has been a major focus of social media activity drawing global attention from Committees and interested individuals. The Greek Minister for Culture and Sports, Panos Panagiotopoulos, has suggested Greece/UK mediation through UNESCO as one possible strategy. All the latest developments will be discussed at this event, which will help to build international interest and momentum in the campaign for return of the Parthenon Sculptures.

Visit the event’s website for more information.

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