Fiorente wins the 2013 Melbourne Cup


Melbourne Cup favourite Fiorente claims the 2013 crown, pipping Red Cadeaux by a length on the final straight.

Winner ... Fiorente takes out the 2013 Melbourne Cup. Picture: Seven Network

Winner … Fiorente takes out the 2013 Melbourne Cup. Picture: Seven Network Source: Supplied

GAI Waterhouse has become the first Australian woman to train a Melbourne Cup winner, with Fiorente seizing the Melbourne Cup in commanding fashion this afternoon.

Ageless marvel Red Cadeaux has run second for the second time after finishing runner-up by a few pixels to Dunaden in 2011, while Mount Athos ran third, in what will be another frustrating placing for the English Cumani stable.

“It’s a dream come true,” Waterhouse said. “I’m so thrilled for all the people who come up to me and say ‘good luck, Gai’.”

The win of Fiorente is also a triumph for jockey Damien Oliver, who claims his third Melbourne Cup after wins aboard Doriemus in 1995 and Media Puzzle in 2002.


Reaction ... The cashed-up trainer's response to her victory was caught on camera. Picture: Seven Network

Reaction … The cashed-up trainer’s response to her victory was caught on camera. Picture: Seven Network Source: Supplied

Oliver was outed from the sport last year for betting on a rival horse in a race where he was riding the second favourite.

He returned earlier this Spring, and some said he didn’t deserve to be in the saddle so soon.

But Oliver has added another incredible chapter to his career, after he became the toast of the nation in 2002 when he won the Cup the same week his brother Jason, also a jockey, was killed in a trackwork fall.

Victory ... Jockey Damien Oliver with his winning horse Fiorente.

Victory … Jockey Damien Oliver with his winning horse Fiorente. Source: HeraldSun

Cup-holder ... Gai Waterhouse is the first Australian woman to train a horse to Cup victory. Picture: Getty Images

Cup-holder … Gai Waterhouse is the first Australian woman to train a horse to Cup victory. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images


Winning duo ...  Damien Oliver hugs trainer Gai Waterhouse after Fiorente won the Emirates Melbourne Cup. Picture: Getty Images

Winning duo … Damien Oliver hugs trainer Gai Waterhouse after Fiorente won the Emirates Melbourne Cup. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images

For Waterhouse, this caps off an amazing year in which her name was dragged through the mud in the More Joyous Affair and she fell out with her long-time friend and client John Singleton, who withdrew all his horses from the Waterhouse stable.

But after finishing second in the race twice and winning virtually every major race on the Australian turf, Waterhouse has finally claimed Australia’s greatest race.

Bred in Europe, Fiorente was acquired by Waterhouse before last year’s spring.

The cashed-up trainer outbid rival Aussie trainer Mike Moroney in an 11th hour bid, and had immediate success, running second to Green Moon in last year’s Melbourne Cup.

Waterhouse and the horse went one better today.


Finish line ... Oliver keeps Fiorente a full length in front of Red Cadeaux. Picture: AFP

Finish line … Oliver keeps Fiorente a full length in front of Red Cadeaux. Picture: AFP Source: AFP


Lucky man ... The part-owners of Fiorente. Picture: Getty Images

Lucky man … The part-owners of Fiorente. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images


Trackside officials confirmed French mare Verema was euthanised after it fractured a cannon (leg) bone at the 2000m mark.

Dr Brian Stewart, Racing Victoria’s Head of Veterinary and Equine Welfare, confirmed the incident in a statement.

“This was an unfortunate accident that happens infrequently in racing and our sympathies are extended at this time to the Aga Khan, Alain de Royer Dupre and the connections of Verema.”

Norman’s Dairy Delights One Year Greek Anniversary for their Cholov Yisroel Greek Yogurt



It’s been one year since Norman’s Dairy Delights introduced  the first ever Cholov Yisroel Greek Yogurt at Kosherfest 2012, winning the best new dairy product award at the show’s annual New Product Competition. It subsequently received accolades in Jewish as well as mainstream media, including The New York Times and the New York Daily News.  The success of the Greek Yogurt was part of a very active year for the dairy manufacturer, largely as a result of the introduction of many new quality and tasty products.

“We never stop brainstorming about potential new products that will making eating better and healthier for consumers,” says a key member of the Norman’s product development team. “I can’t wait for our loyal customers to have even more top-quality choices in cholov yisroel.”

Norman’s Dairy Delights has continued to expand on its previous successes, adding 3 new flavors to its wildly popular Greek Yogurt line. The Greek is now available in 9 flavors- Mango, Pomegranate, Apple & Honey, Plain, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, and Vanilla. The new flavors have been carefully lab tested and developed with the highest quality ingredients, as all Norman’s products are.

“What we’ve done by introducing these 3 new flavors is given the customer  the chance to find the perfect balance of Greek and fruit that works for you,” said a Norman’s spokesperson. “A lot of our customers enjoy trying the various tastes and textures we’ve created with our flavored Greek Yogurt. Many also enjoy eating our plain Greek and topping it with what they like best, including fruit, honey, granola, and even chocolate chips.”

At last week’s Kosherfest food show, Norman’s also released their new line of Greek Light, a premium Greek yogurt  with only 100 calories. Greek Light was a response to the persistent requests received by Norman’s for an even healthier version of their already successful original Greek.  Greek Light was released in 3 flavors- Strawberry, Coffee, and Vanilla, with more on the way. It will be in stores mid-October.

This past year saw Norman’s expand in all their dairy offerings, including 80 Lite, Poppers, Low-Fat, and milk chocolate Leben. All have been excitedly received by the public and became instant winners. In honor of their first anniversary and the extraordinary response by consumers, Norman’s will be offering a special price on their entire Greek Yogurt line.

Gov’t claims the measure transformed Greek cities, while retailers fear smaller stores will suffer as a result


The government and the Development Ministry in particular appear to have passed the Sunday opening test, as consumer traffic at stores in Greece last Sunday, at least in the main shopping areas, turned out to be greater than expected.

A key factor in the success of the first application of the Sunday opening law was the fact that it was a day that formed part of the fall sales – also a new measure – while the favorable weather also helped.

“The picture of our cities changed. Consumers embraced both the idea of the 10-day sales periods and stores opening on a Sunday,” stated Development Minister Costis Hatzidakis on Monday. “We have therefore done very well to ignore those who expressed a fear of the new. We are just doing the same as most countries in Europe. Why shouldn’t we in Greece?” the minister said.

However, it was again evident that retail commerce is a two-speed market in Greece, with those benefitting being the major chains and enterprises with stores in malls, rather than small and medium-sized enterprizes.

“Compared to the same Saturday last year – when there was no Sunday opening – the visits to shopping centers went up this year by up to 300 percent,” claimed Antonis Makris, the head of the Association Retail Enterprises in Greece (SELPE). He added that turnover during the November 2-3 weekend was up between 50 and 100 percent on that of Saturday, November 3, 2012. In fact, the losers were the supermarket chains, as sector estimates put their sales on Sunday at just 25 to 30 percent of an ordinary day for the stores that did open.

Smaller retail stores are reporting a very different picture, though. They had a significant number of shoppers coming in but turnover was far from satisfactory. According to data compiled by the National Confederation of Greek Commerce (ESEE), only one in three such shops opened in Attica and just one in four in the rest of the country.

ESEE head Vassilis Korkidis admitted to Kathimerini that “the turnover enterprises will record by the end of the intermediary sales period will likely be smaller than that which was originally expected as consumers turned to major chains and malls on Sunday.”

Tit-for-tat warfare feared as Greek police believe far-left may be behind murders of far-right Golden Dawn members

Source: Nationalpost

Police investigate the area around an office of the Golden Dawn party in northern Athens, Friday, Nov. 1, 2013. A drive-by shooting killed two members of Greece's Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party and wounded one outside a party office in Athens on Friday night, officials said

AP Photo/Thanassis StavrakisPolice investigate the area around an office of the Golden Dawn party in northern Athens, Friday, Nov. 1, 2013. A drive-by shooting killed two members of Greece’s Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party and wounded one outside a party office in Athens on Friday night, officials said.

Police in Greece believe far-left terrorists may have been behind the murder of two members of the far-right Golden Dawn party, raising fears of tit-for-tat warfare between the country’s radical factions.

The Greek counter-terrorism squad has taken over the investigation into Friday night’s attack, when two assassins on a motorbike opened fire on men outside Golden Dawn’s offices in Athens.

Police said they were looking at whether the murders may have been carried out in retaliation for the fatal stabbing of an anti-fascist musician by a supporter of the neo-Nazi party in September, a killing which prompted angry protests across Greece.

Investigators were examining all avenues, but “particularly those that link these events to extremist groups” behind a string of far-left attacks in recent years on politicians, police, banks and the media. A police official said the shooting, for which no one has so far claimed responsibility, appeared to be a “terrorist attack.”

Athens residents gathered at the site of the killings in the suburb of Neo Iraklio and laid flowers as politicians said the country, already mired in a deep financial crisis, was at risk of spiralling street attacks. “We cannot let this cycle of violence continue,” Makis Voridis, a senior member in Antonis Samaras, the prime minister’s, New Democracy party, told Greek television. “This must end here.”

“Twelve bullets against democracy,” Ta Nea, the country’s top-selling daily newspaper, wrote on its front page Saturday. “The double cold-blooded murder was a coarse provocation against stability.”

AP Photo/Kostas Tsironis

AP Photo/Kostas TsironisA supporter of the extreme right party of Golden Dawn, lights a candle during a memorial ceremony at the site of the attack and fatal shooting of two party members in northern Athens, on Saturday, Nov. 2, 201

As well as Golden Dawn, Greece is home to far-left and anarchist extremist groups who have claimed responsibility for a series of shootings and bombings in recent years. In 2009, a police officer was killed by three gunmen in Athens, and in 2010, a prominent investigative journalist, Sokratis Giolas, was shot dead at his home. Both murders were claimed by the Sect of Revolutionaries, a radical Leftist organisation.

Following the death of Mr. Giolas, the Sect of Revolutionaries issued a direct threat to the Greek state, pledging to transform the country into “a war zone of revolutionary processes, with arson, sabotage, fierce demonstrations, bomb attacks, armed killings”.

“We are at war with your democracy”, the group said.

We will not allow our country to become a place to settle scores

Another extremist group, the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, has claimed responsibility for a number of recent attacks, including a car bomb which exploded outside home of a prison director the Athens in June.

Greek media claimed that the weapon used in Friday’s attack was the same type of gun used in the 2009 police shooting. Police identified the gun as a Zastava Tokarev-type semi-auto pistol from which 12 rounds were fired, but said it was not the same weapon used in previous terrorist incidents.

Golden Dawn has in recent years emerged from the fringe of Greek politics to establish itself as the country’s third most popular party, with 18 seats in parliament. Its surge in popularity came as it capitalised on widespread anger over austerity measures and immigration in the debt-stricken nation, which has for the past six years been in severe recession. Some 60 per cent of Greek youth are now unemployed.

Friday’s attack “marked a continuation of political uncertainty and instability in the country,” said George Tzogopoulos, an analyst at an Athens-based think-tank.

Golden Dawn uses a Swastika-like emblem and has also been associated with attacks on immigrants. It has insisted it is not a neo-Nazi group.

But the Greek government announced a crackdown on the party following the murder in September of Pavlos Fyssas, a white anti-racist rapper also known as “Killah P,” for which a Golden Dawn supporter was arrested and charged. The party’s leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and two of its MPs have been imprisoned pending trial on charges of establishing a criminal group.

The Golden Dawn leadership denies government claims that it was involved in the musician’s killing.

In the wake of Friday’s attack, the Greek government has been under pressure to show that it takes violence against Golden Dawn members seriously.

“We will not allow our country to become a place to settle scores,” said Nikos Dendias, the public order minister, expressing his “sadness at the death of the young men”. The left-wing main opposition Syriza party also condemned the shootings. “This murder creates a climate of instability and targets democracy,” it said. “It feeds fascism, it does not beat it,” added Dimitris Papadimoulis, a Syriza MP.

Golden Dawn also attributed the shooting to “terrorists” and blamed the Greek government for failing to protect the party amid the crackdown. It said it had asked for police protection at its offices after receiving threats but that it had recently been withdrawn. “The criminals wanted to execute anybody outside the party offices,” it said in a statement. “Before they drove off, the terrorists shot again at the boys lying on the ground. They literally emptied their weapons on them.”

The victims were named as Emmanuel Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis, both in their 20s. A 29-year-old man who was wounded remained in hospital in a serious condition yesterday.

The mother of the injured man, named as Alexandros Gerontas, made a televised appeal to the Greek people to “overcome their differences” and to “stop the bloodshed”.

Golden Dawn had planned a meeting for Friday night at the office where the shooting took place.

A police source said that footage from a nearby security camera confirmed the party’s accounts that the gunmen started firing from 50ft away and finished off his victims from point-blank range.

The gunmen also fired at a fourth Golden Dawn member, who managed to escape unharmed.

Fact or fiction: A new series of Full House is in the works


The Full House cast got together for a 25th reunion last year. Photo: Twitter/@fullhouseguy

The Full House cast got together for a 25th reunion last year. Photo: Twitter/@fullhouseguy

THE internet is abuzz with rumours that a new series of Full House is in the works.

The show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, allegedly told a reporter from the Newport Gazette, “Last month I was asked by ABC and [Warner Bros.] to write a new show for the Full House characters. Everyone I’ve spoken with were very open to the idea [of returning].”

There’s speculation that the show will focus on the adult lives of Stephanie and DJ Tanner, with both of the original actors (Jodie Sweetin, 31 and Candice Barker, 37) set to appear.

But don’t get too excited just yet because it appears this is actually a well-orchestrated internet hoax.

None of the cast members have spoken about the rumours and it turns out that the Newport Gazette was a newspaper that ceased publication in 1799.

Full House ran from 1987 to 1995 with the hour-long finale attracting over 24 million viewers in the US.

So it looks like there won’t be a revival any time soon. Oh well, the Olsen twins will be so disappointed.


The Full House girls with creator Jeff Franklin. Photo: Twitter/@fullhouseguy

The Full House girls with creator Jeff Franklin. Photo: Twitter/@fullhouseguy

The Eurythmics formed in the NSW city of Wagga Wagga, according to founding member Dave Stewart

Source: CanberraTimes

Eurythmics formed in the New South Wales city of Wagga Wagga, according to founding member Dave Stewart.

“That’s where Annie and I decided to become a duo. It was in a place called Wagga Wagga,” Stewart said.

“We were in a hotel late at night with a little portable mini-synthesizer and playing around. We were interested in doing something, just the two of us.”

At the time, singer Annie Lennox and Stewart were part of a band called The Tourists, lead by singer Peet Coombes.
“He became very sick on the tour,” Stewart said. Coombes eventually died in 1997 following years of alcohol and drug abuse.

Lennox and Stewart had their first Australian hit in The Tourists with a cover of the song I Only Want To Be With You.

Stewart recently released his new album Lucky Numbers with yet another Aussie connection. Melbourne’s Vanessa Amorosi sings on three tracks on the album.

The video for the single Every Single Night is the first music video ever recorded in 11:1 surround sound.
On Monday, Sir Elton John and Adele were among the stars who praised singer Annie Lennox as the chart-topping performer was honoured for her contribution to music at the Music Industry Trusts Award in London.
More than 1000 people attended a fundraising dinner to see the former Eurythmics star given the award for her achievements and her charity commitments.

Speaking in a recorded video tribute, Sir Elton said of her award: ”It is so well deserved and not only for your extraordinary contribution to music and songwriting but also for your outstanding and tireless work as an HIV and AIDS activist and supporter of women’s rights.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was also among those who spoke on film saying: ”She is one of those exemplary human beings who chose to put her success in her chosen career to work in order to benefit others. She is a true friend of Africa and of South Africa.”

Her AIDS activism in general, and support for the treatment action campaign in-particular, contributed significantly to turning the pandemic around in our country.”

Writing in the program for the event, Oscar-winning star Adele said: ”So many of her songs have been the soundtrack to my life.

“Annie Lennox has been a constant part of my life. An example of a brilliant talent that exudes excellence and influence on everyone.”

Lennox, 58, follows in the footsteps of Sir Elton, Gary Barlow and the late John Barry in being presented with the award.

The singer — whose solo hits include Why and Walking On Broken Glass — also performed at the dinner, which was staged in London’s Grosvenor House Hotel and is raising money for Nordoff Robbins and the BRIT Trust.

She said: ”I’m very touched and honoured to receive this award. Music has given me a lifetime of experiences and opportunities that I would never have dreamed possible, and I feel very privileged to have been able to become an artist and communicator, especially as a woman.”

The event was hosted by Radio 2 presenter Jo Whiley, after her station colleague Paul Gambaccini withdrew from his appearance following his arrest last week as part of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree investigation. He has denied all allegations.

Cyber bullies may face jail in NZ

Source: YahooNews

AAPNZ has introduced a new law which could see cyber bullies face up to three years’ imprisonment.

Cyber bullies could face up to three years’ imprisonment, with their bullying set to be criminalised in a new bill being introduced to the New Zealand parliament.

It comes just two days after news broke that a group of Auckland teenage boys, calling themselves Roast Busters, were having sex with drunk girls, many of them underage, and posting details – including the girls’ names – online.

Communications Bill, backed by NZ Justice Minister Judith Collins, to crack down on bullying via social networking, email, mobile phones and websites.

It creates a new criminal offence for sending messages or posting material online with intent to cause harm – including threatening and offensive messages, harassment, damaging rumours and invasive photographs – with penalties of up to three months’ imprisonment or a $NZ2000 ($A1766) fine.

It also creates a new offence of incitement to commit suicide – even in situations when a person does not attempt to take their life – punishable by up to three years’ jail.

Both changes were recommended by the Law Commission in August.

Ms Collins’ bill will also create a new agency and enforcement regime as the first port of call for complaints, which will be able to contact service providers like Twitter and Facebook to request information be removed.

Serious complaints can head to court, which will have the power to issue remedies such as take-down orders and cease-and-desist notices.

School principals will be able to apply on behalf of their students, while police can apply where a communication constitutes a threat to a person’s safety, and the chief coroner can apply for a take-down order for material relating to suicides.

The law relating to website hosts will be clarified, and it will be easier for people to request harmful content to be removed.

Website hosts could face legal action if they fail to remove the content.

Newcastle Port sale includes 700 hectares, but not Nobbys

Source: TheHerald

MORE than 700 hectares of land are set to be included in the lease of the Port of Newcastle, after state cabinet opted on Monday night to go ahead with the transaction based on advice of strong interest from investors.

However, Nobbys headland won’t be included in the 99-year lease, to ensure public access to the iconic site is retained.

The plan to lease the port was unveiled in the June budget, after the government got more money than it expected for the earlier lease of Port Botany and Port Kembla.

It has promised to use $340 million of the anticipated $700 million proceeds for Newcastle to install light rail in the city centre.

A scoping study was commissioned to recommend what should be included in the transaction.

Treasurer Mike Baird and Ports minister Duncan Gay said on Tuesday the study had confirmed initial investor interest and value in leasing the port.

“Today is an exciting day for the people of Newcastle, who are one step closer to achieving the much-needed revitalisation of their city centre – a major investment which will be made possible through funds raised by the lease of the Port,” Mr Baird said on Tuesday morning.

Newcastle Port Corporation will retain maritime functions including the Harbour Master, dangerous goods approvals, emergency response, and administration of the existing coal chain capacity framework arrangements.

Some staff will transfer to the lessee to ‘‘ensure business continuity’’.

The government is aiming to complete the lease by mid next year and will call for expressions of interest later this month.

Investigation: Doctors were required to repay a total of more than $1.5 million

Source: SMH

One doctor billed the taxpayer for seeing more than 500 patients in a single day, and more than 200 patients on several other days, according to the Medicare watchdog.

The case is in the annual report of the Professional Services Review agency, which disciplines doctors for inappropriate practice.

The doctor, who worked for a company that provided workplace health and safety services, including vaccinations, told the agency they had ”eyeballed” each patient.

A GP who provides 80 or more services on 20 or more days of the year is generally considered to be guilty of inappropriate practice, because professional bodies say it is not possible to effectively treat such large numbers of patients.

The doctor, whose details are not disclosed, billed Medicare for 90 or more services on 29 days, potentially running up a bill of several thousand dollars in inappropriate services. The doctor negotiated a confidential settlement with the agency, which included an acknowledgement that they had engaged in inappropriate practice.
Over the year, 26 doctors were required to repay a total of more than $1.5 million and 11 were suspended from Medicare.

The agency reported that some of the GPs referred for investigation for very high levels of servicing worked in large, extended hours clinics. The agency said these doctors argued they were responding to demand.

The agency expressed concern about possible abuse of generous rebates for chronic disease management. Doctors can charge Medicare more than $135 to prepare a plan to co-ordinate the management of a patient’s disease.

One plan simply listed the patient’s conditions and entered the word ”dental” under goals. Other doctors populated the plans with template entries. In one case, a plan for a patient who had never smoked included advice on strategies for giving up smoking.

The Department of Human Services referred 45 cases to the agency in 2012-13, a 50 per cent increase on 2011-12. However, the increase may be partly attributable to legal challenges, which disrupted the agency’s operations between 2010 and last year.

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