vasilis tsitsanis


Coming to Sydney for one night only, acclaimed Melbourne group Rebetiki’s Tribute to VASILIS TSITSANIS celebrates and pays homage a legend of Greek folk and blues music. Vasilis Tsitsanis (b. 1915) was a Greek songwriter and bouzouki player. He became one of the leading composers of Greek music, particularly the style Rebetika.


Vasilis Tsitsanis (1915 – 1984) is considered the finest rebetika composer having written over two thousand songs. Though not a rebetes in the sense of being an outcast, (he came to Athens to study law), he has written some of the best rebetika and laika. He also discovered and recorded with some of the finest female singers including Marika Ninou and Sotiria Bellou.

Melbourne’s REBETIKI will bring the heart and soul of Greek blues back to life. With a variety of instruments including the traditional six string bouzouki, baglama, oud, lute, guitar and percussion Rebetiki present an acoustic passage through a musical style just as vibrant today as it was during its initial development.

For years REBETIKI have been playing urban Greek blues along with rural folk music from many regions of Greece. These songs dominated the music scene in Greece for decades during the 20th century and remain to this day a major influence in the direction of modern musical trends.

Members of the band include, Argyris Argyropoulos, (Baglama, Oud), Takis Dimitriu, (Bouzouki, Tzoura), Tony Iliou, (Guitar, Lute), and Achilles Yiangoulli (Bouzouki, Toubeleki).

Rebetiki have performed at WOMADelaide, sheppARTon Festival Shepparton, the National Folk Festival Canberra, Bellingen Global Carnival, and at Carnivale Multicultural Festival at the Sydney Opera House. The band also played on the occasion of the Greek Prime Ministers Australian Visit and Manolis Mitsias Concert, Melbourne in 2007.


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