Escape and Evasion in Enemy-Occupied Crete 1941-43 28 March 2013

Talk by historian Ian Frazer, former Lecturer at Otago Univesity and co-author of ‘On the run – Anzac escape and evasion in enemy-occupied Crete’.
In the Battle of Crete in May 1941, the 2/7th Australian Infantry Battalion, fought with much honour, including a last-ditch stand at ‘42nd Street’ in the final days of the battle.

Fighting in the rear-guard, they were denied evacuation at the last minute and forced to capitulate.

Large numbers went on the run as evaders and escapers.

Some managed to escape Crete by themselves; many more were rescued by the British secret services.

This story, which spanned more than two years after May 1941 is not so well-known.

It was another outstanding chapter in the history of the Battalion.

This talk is a tribute those soldiers and the brave Cretan families who gave them shelter and eventually helped them escape

Thursday 28 March – 5.30pm arrival for 6pm start.

Light refreshments served between 5.30pm and 6pm. Talk begins promptly at 6pm.

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