Why Were These 14 Books Were Taken Off The Bible In 1684

The first thing that comes to someone’s mind, especially when the Bible is mentioned, is the origin of the truth, which had not been handled ignorantly.

Nevertheless, considering the fact that the originally published Bible included 80 books, and now it has only 60 editions, we ask ourselves about the exact reason of removing these 14 books from the Bible?

The Roman Catholic Church or the Vatican Church has been known for cunning for many years. Their monstrosity had started with genocide before several centuries to end up with child molestation recently.

In 1611, the Bible was translated from Latin into English. Namely, the Bible originally included 80 books, as well as the Apocrypha, which expresses something hidden. 

To add, the Apocrypha books composed the Old Testament, and it contained the books mentioned below:

• 1 Maccabees

• 2 Maccabees

• 1 Esdras

• 2 Esdras

• Judith

• Tobit

• Bel and the dragon

• The prayer for Manasses

• The history of Susana

• Ecclesiasticus

• The wisdom of Solomon

• The rest of Esther

• The songs of the three holy children

• Baruch with the epistle Jeremiah

In 1684, all these books as well as their numerous versions were suddenly removed from the Bible. The edition of 1611 was the only one that survived. In this edition of the Bible in 1611, the Jesus’ name was primarily spelled as Iesus, which was pronounced Yahushua. It was totally unclear why it was later changed to Jesus, a name that is completely different from the original spelling and its pronunciation.

The ‘Wisdom of Solomon’ was one of the most fascinating books that were removed from the Bible. Solomon, who represents a legendary symbol form the Bible, was David’s son, one of the wisest men in the world. Namely, he was described as a good-hearted man, even though, when you read the book you will change your mind completely.

For instance, read the excerpt below:

‘Wisdom of Solomon’ 2: 1–24

1 For those not believing in God, and not being aright, the human life is too short and boring, and in the man’s death these is no cure, no man has ever come back from the grave.

2 Since we are born as adventurers, and we will be here as we are now, because the breath is like smoke in your nostrils, and the tiny spark in our hearts,

3 That was suffocated, the human body will be transformed into aches, and the human spirit will disappear as the air,

4 and human’s name will be immediately forgotten, and no one’s works will be remembered, and the human life will go away as a trace from the clouds, and will be spread of as a mist, with the burst of the sun, and then will disappear with the heat.

5 For humans time is like a shadow that goes away, and after that there will be no a comeback, so it is sealed that no one will return again.

6 Come and enjoy in the beautiful things that the life offers us, and use the beings as in the youth.

7 Let us enjoy in the ointments and the wine, and not allow a spring flower to pass by our bodies,

8 Let us crown ourselves with rosebuds, before they are dried,

9 Let us no one leaves with any part of his voluptuousness, let us leave a reminder of our joy at every single place, for this is our life and this is our lot.

10 Let us get down the poor men, let us not skimp on widow, not venerate the grey hair of the old.

11 Let us improve the law of justice, so if it is not stable, it is not worth at all.

12 So let us fight for the right, for He is not of our side, He is opposed to our deeds. He upbraided us with offending the law, and objected the transgression of the education.

13 He professed to have the knowledge, for He considers to be the child of the Lord.

14 He was there to reprove human’s thoughts.

15 He is angry with us just to behold, for he is not as the other men, he has other ways of fashion.

16 He sees us as counterfeits, He abstained from our manners as from filthiness, He claimed the end to be blessed, and thought God was his father.

17 Let us find out if his word are true, and let us find out what will happen with him in the end.

18 So if the most right man is the son of God, He will make and deliver Him to the hands of his enemies.

19 Let us study him with torture and despitefulness, so we can know his meekness as well as approve his patience.

20 Let us damn him with a shameful death, because as He says he should be respected…

The lines above arise several questions, like:

– Who does Solomon like to kill with a shameful death?

– Which was the reason why the Vatican took off these 14 books from the Bible?

– Why did Solomon sound evil and cruel in the book?

It is thought that Solomon was writing about Jesus. However, Jesus was born 900 years after the death of Solomon. Is it possible that he had prophesied the birth of Jesus? Let’s have a close look and see who Salomon was writing about.

• They killed Him with a shameful death

• His actions were completely different from the others

• He claimed to be the son of God

• He was a just poor man who saw Solomon and the others like counterfeits

• He claimed to have the knowledge of God

• He was there to disapprove our believes

• He considered us as counterfeits, he abstained from the human ways as from filthiness, he announced the end in order to be blessed, and He makes God his only father.

• For if the just man was the son of God, He will help and deliver him from the hands of his enemies.

The last thing to emphasize about Solomon is:

• Let us get down the poor men, let us not skimp on widow, and not venerate the grey hair of the old.

Contrary to what we have already read and known about Solomon, from these verses we find out that he was evil and cruel. According to the modern Biblical teachings, we were thought to consider him as one of the wisest men in the world. We should also mention that he has taken part on the Occult. Most of the Aleister Crowley’s teachings were about Lesser Keys of Solomon. To add, Solomon glorified several gods and had a weakness for women. We should also mention that the Temple of Solomon is believed to be the birthplace of Freemasonry, which represents a secret society that was responsible for all of the corruption in the world.

Even though there were a lot of speculations, it is still not clear why these 14 books were taken off the Bible. It is left to us to think if there is something darker behind their taking off, and what they exactly tried to hide away with the removal of these 14 books. However, when something is being removed from the direct site, it is not expected that people would try to look closely at the reasons, but when they do, they find out more that they expected.

Orthodox Christians follow the Older version/canon of the Jewish Scriptures(OT) which was in Greek.

While Protestants follow the Masoretic Hebrew Text which was a new canon or version invented by the Jews in 7th Century Ad (a new version of Old Testament 7 centuries After Christ!).

Around 5 centuries before Christ, The Greeks colonised the Holy land and Egypt. They stayed for hundreds of years bringing hellenistic influence to West Asia.
Greek became the official language and the language of the rulers.

So Jewish scholars, philosophers etc switched to Greek from Hebrew, just like we deal more in English than in Malayalam these days.

So the Scripture that was written down in the last 400 years Before Christ were all in Greek.

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint) is the worlds oldest surviving version of the OT}

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