Kostarelos: three generations of cheesemakers

Meet Nikos & Kyriakos Kostarelos who are not only upholding a family legacy but taking their cheesemaking business to a whole new level

The Kostarelos family cheesemaking business began in 1937 in the keen hands of Kyriakos Kostarelos. Today, brothers Kyriakos and Nikos, are the equally capable third generation, who have stepped up to continue the legacy.

Striking the perfect balance between old and new production techniques, they are successfully producing a large variety of high quality dairy products, that are attracting the attention of those who are serious about cheese.

The secret to their success is largely tied to observing old Greek farming techniques, using small herds that freely roam around the meadows of Karistos south of Evia, to achieve the similar tastes and characteristics that their ancestors once did. Renowned for their feta cheeses, yoghurts, goat’s cheese Graviera and creamy “Tsalafouti”, a soft creamy cheese made of goat’s milk, they have also adjusted the amount of fat in some of their products to suit a contemporary diet.

You can taste their products in Athens at the recently opened flagship store in upmarket Kolonaki, a very on trend eat in deli with a delicious menu of sandwiches, salads and soups, assembled by well-known Greek chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos. Their artisanal coffee and desserts are also worth stopping by for.

This video forms part of a series developed by LoveGreece.com that is inspired by the dynamism and creativity of the Greek entrepreneurial spirit. Founded in 2013, the initiative aims to boost and promote Greece’s image abroad by profiling talented and successful entrepreneurs and professionals. With their ethos and vision, these pioneering Greeks are an important part of Greece worth sharing with the world. Powered by Gina Mamidaki, founder of the G & A Mamidakis Foundation.

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