Official inquest into George Michael’s death likely to be delayed until early next year

George Michael leaves fortune to favourite sister

Bulk of the star’s £105million estate will go to hairdresser Melanie, 55, with his godchildren also named in his will.

George Michael’s sister Melanie is expected to inherit half of the singer’s fortune following his shock death from heart failure, it has been reported.

The megastar, 53, is understood to have left £50million of his estimated £105million estate to 55-year-old hairdresser Melanie, to whom he was particularly close.

Michael’s other sister, Yioda, 57, is also expected to inherit part of the fortune, the Sun reported. His Godchildren are also thought to be named in his will.

A source told the Sun: ‘George was very close to his sisters, and the understanding is that they’re going to inherit most of his wealth, par­ticularly Melanie who he was incredibly close to.

‘She was there at many of the big milestones in his life, and was there by his side until the very end.’

Melanie used to cut her brother’s hair and was once hired as a make-up artist for a tour of China, the newspaper reported.

It was previously reported that Michael’s Godchildren are also likely to inherit large sums from the singer’s will.

With his parents

George Michael hoped to be buried next to his mother in a family burial plot that he bought near his north London home, sources have revealed.

A friend who grew up with him has now told how the Wham! singer will be laid to rest next to her in Highgate Cemetery, north London.

Katerina Pourikou, the sister of George’s former best friend Andros Georgiou, told The Sun: ‘It has been really hard. I knew he hadn’t been very well but none of us know what happened.

‘Everyone in the family is struggling to take it in but at least he is finally at rest with his mum now.’

The star is said to have been devastated since the death of his mother Lesley Panayiotou to cancer in 1997.

The official cause of the Wham! legend’s death has yet to be determined

There is likely to be a long wait to find out the official cause of George Michael’s death.

The legendary gay icon was found dead on Christmas Day by his partner, at the age of just 53.

While it’s believed the Faith singer died from ‘heart failure,’ his official cause of death has yet to be determined.

Sadly due to the time of year, Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court is currently closed and doesn’t open again until January 4 when its first cases of 2017 are scheduled.

George’s cause of death has yet to be made official.

It’s therefore likely that George’s case will be opened and then adjourned on that date.

George Michael’s heartbroken lover said yesterday how Christmas turned to tragedy when he found the pop star lying lifeless in bed .

Fadi Fawaz said he would never stop missing the former Wham! singer, who suffered heart failure, aged 53.

He said: “We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch.

“I went round there to wake him up and he was just gone, lying peacefully in bed. We don’t know what happened yet.

“Everything had been very complicated recently, but George was looking forward to Christmas, and so was I.

George Michael partied until the end as he hosted wild all-night bashes just weeks before his tragic death.

Fadi Fawaz and George Michael had everything to look forward to.

George Michael and his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz.

“Now everything is ruined. I want people to remember him the way he was – he was a beautiful person.”

Speaking to the Mirror earlier, he added: “It’s a big shock, obviously and it’s really upsetting.

“I stayed the whole weekend. I was there Friday night and then I found him Sunday. I found him dead in the morning. It was peaceful.”

George Michael’s home, where he was found dead

He later tweeted: “It’s a Xmas I will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning.. I will never stop missing you.”

Fadi, who has been seeing George since 2009, also confirmed no funeral plans had been finalised for the star, who passed away at his £5million home in Goring, Oxfordshire.

We can also reveal George had been hosting wild all-night parties in the past few weeks.

The star enjoyed raucous nights until 8am with friends at his £8million mansion in Highgate, North London – despite a reported stay at a Swiss rehab clinic last year.

A source said: “George loved having friends over and was often still going strong well into the following morning. This continued right up until his death.

“He may have been in his 50s but it’s fair to say he gave much younger partygoers a run for their money and the atmosphere was always quite hedonistic.”
As fans left flowers and tributes outside both of the legend’s homes, Thames Valley Police said they were treating the death as “unexplained, but not suspicious”.

George’s manager Michael Lippman said the exact time of death was not clear but there was “no foul play whatsoever” and his death had been unexpected.

US publicist Cindi Berger added that the star, who sold more than 100 million records, had not been ill.

George Michael died on Christmas Day

George – real name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou – had been in good spirits, according to close friend and former Wham! backing singer Shirlie Kemp.

She said: “Only last week I saw him laughing and happy. My heart is broken to lose someone so special.”

George, who battled addiction to crack cocaine and marijuana, as well as bouts of depression for more than 20 years, had become increasingly reclusive.

George Michael (right) and ex-partner Kenny Goss

His public appearances in recent months have been few and far between.

He was seen out for dinner in September at a restaurant near his Oxfordshire home where he shocked onlookers with his bloated appearance.

A neighbour in Highgate also said he looked “tired” and “haggard” earlier this year.

Sasha Gretsay, who lives nearby, said: “I remember thinking he looked unwell. He looked worried and older than my friend who was 57.”

A 69-year-old neighbour in Goring said George was notably absent from the Christmas Eve midnight mass service at his local church.

He had attended in previous years. Friends believe that he had made at least two suicide attempts over the years.

A woman reacts as she leaves a tribute to singer George Michael outside of his home in north London

In 2013, he was airlifted to hospital with head injuries after throwing himself out of a friend’s Range Rover at 70mph on the M1.

He claimed at the time that he was checking the door. A pal also claimed he once slashed his wrists.

The friend said: “Over the past few years, there has often been concern for his welfare.”

A woman reacts as she leaves a tribute to singer George Michael outside of his home in north London

People have left tributes outside the singer’s house.

Last year George was reportedly treated for drug addiction at the £190,000-a-month Kusnacht practice in Switzerland.

Despite fears over his lifestyle and health, he was planning a comeback

He was working on a new album – his first studio effort since 2004 – as well as putting the “finishing touches” to a documentary called Freedom: George Michael.

George Michael and Kate Moss

A source said: “In many respects, 2017 was very much going to be his year which is what makes this so utterly tragic.

“The new music and the documentary were very much at the forefront of his mind and he was excited to share them.”

A world tour was even said to be planned, including Australia in 2018.

Promoter Paul Dainty said: “It’s a total shock, I was in the process of setting stuff up with his manager.”

George’s final gig was at Earl’s Court, London, in 2012.

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Michael’s cousin Andros Georgiou (pictured together) said he had repeatedly begged the Careless Whisper singer to get help because he feared his addictions would eventually kill him

Χιόνια στην Ελλαδά 2016

Χιόνια στο κέντρο της Αθήνας 2016

Σε κλοιό χιονιά η χώρα – Στα «λευκά» και η Αττική 

Στα λευκά Λυκαβηττός, Ακρόπολη, Ζάππειο. Δείτε περισσότερες εικόνες από το χιονισμένο κέντρο της Αθήνας

Τα χιόνια έφτασαν κοντά στα Χανιά.

Η Μαλάξα είναι ήδη ντυμένη στα λευκά.



Working holiday-makers will have to pay 15 per cent tax from the first dollar they earn and forgo 65 per cent of any superannuation earned when they leave the country. They can no longer claim any tax-free threshold.


The amount of assets (excluding the family home) someone can have before pensions are hit is increasing but pensions will cut out more quickly for those with assets exceeding $375,000 for homeowner couples, $450,000 for single non-homeowners, and $575,000 for non-homeowner couples.


– New VET student loan program begins, replacing the old VET FEE-HELP scheme. Students can get loans up to $5000, $10,000 or $15,000 depending on costs for a limited range of vocational courses.

– Industry Skills Fund, offering grants to help small businesses train staff, closes.

– The period students from regional and remote areas have to work to get the Youth Allowance is cut from 18 months to 14 months.

– Extra funding to schools for students with disabilities.

– Six research block grant schemes for universities is consolidated into two simpler programs.


– Changes to the way levies for cattle, goat, lamb and sheep slaughters are split between R&D and marketing.

– New melon levy of $0.004 per kilo for R&D and Plant Health Australia membership.


– Mepolizumab (trade name: Nucala) for the treatment of severe asthma listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

– Price cut for PBS prescriptions of Thiamine hydrochloride, used for treating vitamin B1 deficiency.

– Changes to Child Dental Benefits Schedule give children aged between two and 17 access to basic dental services, capped at $700 over two years.

– Increase to amount paid to pharmacists dispensing medicines to Remote Area Aboriginal Health Services.


– Trial program offering subsidies on nanny fees closes to new applications.


– New trial of a Launch into Work program offering training, work experience, and mentoring to prepare disadvantaged job seekers for employment.


– Green Army program ends, no new projects accepted.

– New grants available for councils, community and environmental groups to improve local parks.


– Changes to aged-care provider funding, including increasing supplements for rural, remote and specialty services.

– Specialist dementia care units in 31 regions to be set up.

– Rental income from former family home of aged-care residents will be treated the same as pension income tests and the aged-care means test.


– Tougher compliance measures for people receiving welfare payments, including more data matching with tax office information about income.

– All newly arrived migrants have to wait two years before becoming eligible for a range of welfare payments, even if they are family of Australian citizens or permanent residents.


– $20 increase to adult passport fees and $10 for children and seniors.

– $54 increase for priority processing of passport applications.


– Community preschools which enrol four or five-year-old children for at least 600 hours a year will receive a funding boost. Average fees are expected to drop to $22 a day.

– Public schools teachers receive a 2.5 per cent pay rise under a three-year deal struck between their union and the Education Department.


– Fares on non-government operated ferry services, such as the Manly Fast Ferry, will rise in line with inflation.

– Toll charges on the Cross City Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Hills M2 and Lane Cove Tunnel will increase slightly.


– “Feed-in tariffs” of 60 or 20 cents per kilowatt per paid to households for providing power generated by their solar panels into the electricity grid end as the state government’s solar bonus wraps up.


– The tax-free threshold for land tax payments rises from $482,000 to $549,000. The second bracket lifts from $2,947,000 to $3,357,000.

– An extra land tax surcharge of 0.75 per cent will come into effect for foreign residential real estate buyers.


– Police will now have the power to impound or crush a miniaturised motorbike, known as a monkey bike, if ridden on roads, footpaths or carparks. Offenders can be fined up to $3109.

– Increases to the maximum penalty for refusing a roadside drug test.


– Prices will jump for all public transport users while concession card holders will get a mere 90 cents wiped off their weekend tickets.


– All organisations working with children will need to meet new Child Safe Standards, with tougher screening for employees and stronger processes to help children at risk report suspected child abuse.


– The state’s five electricity distributers will lower tariffs by up to 3.31 per cent in some areas that could shave about $51 off an annual power bill. However some power companies will raise prices by up to 10 per cent.

– People who do not live in the property they own will have their absentee land tax surcharges increased from 0.5 per cent to 1.5 per cent.


– All sheep and goats born on or after January 1 will have to be tagged with the National Livestock Identification System to help trace diseases to their source and quickly contain outbreaks.


– All homes will be fitted with interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms under a 10-year rollout of changes recommended by a coroner following a fatal house fire that claimed 11 lives at Slacks Creek, south of Brisbane, in August 2011.


– Fuel sellers will be required to meet targets for the sale of ethanol-blended petrol and bio-based diesel.


– Electricity rebates will help 157,000 extra families with a health care card save $330 a year.
– Prep will become compulsory.


– Weekly international freight flight from Hobart to Ningbo (China) carrying milk, meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables.


– Domestic structures like carports, decks and sheds will no longer require building or plumbing permits as long as the work is done by licensed tradespeople.


– Government-run Metro buses will introduce urban zone fares costing between $2.64 and $6.90 for an adult. Student concession bus fares rise 10 cents to $1.70.


– New fees subsidy structure for TasTAFE students.


– Migrant families arriving in SA on 457 visas will have to pay a public education contribution fees of $5100 for each primary school-aged student and $6100 for high school pupils.


– Grants for new homes up to a value of $750,000 will be lifted from $10,000 to $15,000 for one year


– Metropolitan income limits for eligibility to the Keystart loan scheme increased by $20,000 – a couple who would previously only be eligible if their combined income was below $95,000 could now earn $115,000 and a single person, $90,000.

Aquatic biosecurity powers will be strengthened and Aboriginal marine rangers will be able to become fisheries inspectors under changes to the Fisheries Act.


Greek grandmother Anastassia Ontou becomes world’s oldest surrogate mother 

Anastassia Ontou after giving birth to her granddaughter.

A 67-year-old Greek grandmother has given birth to her daughter’s baby girl, becoming the world’s oldest surrogate mother.

Anastassia Ontou decided she had to offer to carry the baby after her daughter suffered through seven failed pregnancy attempts.

Mrs Ontou, from a village near Larissa, central Greece, gave birth to the 2.6lb girl on Tuesday via Caesarian section, after a pregnancy lasting seven and a half months.

She said yesterday: “I feel more like a grandmother than a mother. It was an easy decision for me – my daughter was heartbroken after not being able to carry the baby herself.”

Mrs Ontou’s daughter Constantina, 43, said she thought her mother was “crazy” when she offered to carry the child.

“I told her she’s crazy,” she said. “We haven’t cried like this in years.2 Mrs Ontou, said that she had been fortunate enough to have faced few problems during the pregnancy.

Constantinos Pantos, Mrs Ontou’s supervising obstetrician, said: “This is a heroic grandmother.”

He said that “based on international records, this is the oldest surrogate mother who is also a grandmother, based on her daughter’s medical condition.”

Mr Pantos, who heads a fertility clinic in Athens, said he had personal reservations about the pregnancy, but was convinced to go ahead after court in Larissa gave its approval. “Because of the grandmother’s age, it’s the first time such a ruling has been issued,” he said.

The oldest woman to have given birth is believed to be Omkari Panwar, from India, who had a twin boy and girl in July 2009. She claimed to be 70, although she had no birth certificate.

However, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest officially recognised mother is Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara from Spain, who was 66 years and 358 old when she gave birth to twin boys in Barcelona in 2006.

Miss Bousada de Lara died from cancer in 2009, leaving her sons orphaned before their third birthday.

The former shop worker, who was single, sparked controversy over her decision to become a mother so late in life. Her own family called her “selfish and irresponsible” for rendering it so likely that her children would be orphaned.

She admitted lying about her age to doctors in order to receive fertility treatment at a private clinic in Los Angeles, for which she paid a reported £30,000.

Shortly after the birth of her sons by caesarean section in Barcelona, Miss Bousada de Lara defended her decision.”I have wanted to be a mother all my life, but I never had the opportunity, or met the right man,” she said.

Britain’s oldest first time mother is Elizabeth Adeney, from Lindgate in Suffolk, who gave birth to a son at the age of 66, in May 2009. Mrs Adeney travelled to Ukraine for IVF treatment, as clinics here do not treat women aged over 50.

At the time of her son Jolyon’s birth, at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, she said: “It’s not physical age that is important – it’s how I feel inside. Some days I feel 39. Others, I feel 56.” 

Source: TheTelegraph

10-year-old Helen Karapidis was abducted 22 December 1988 from her Marrickville home

10-year-old Helen Karapidis was abducted 22 December 1988 from her Marrickville home complex grounds by members of the Wood Royal Commission pedophile network.  

This child trafficking network included government social workers, Aunties and Uncles program staff, Hillsong architect Ian Longstaff who redesigned their Young St, Waterloo church building, David Young who, with Ian, collected kids to attend ‘Youngies’ youth club, and convicted pedophile and Hillsong staff member John Baxter.  

Helen attended Hillsong Kids’ Club. She knew her abductors, which explains why she disappeared so.

Hillsong founding pastor Frank Houston was a convicted pedophile who sought and trafficked children to the Sydney VIP pedophile ring based in Kings Cross boy brothels. Houston was named multiple times to the Wood Royal Commission. These children were sought by Hillsong from low socioeconomic families with single mothers, parents in trouble with the law, and who had been brought to the attention of the Department of Children’s Services.

Helen Karapidis was ritually murdered days following her abduction, during an evening church service, in a secret room that overlooked the congregation at Hillsong Church Young St, Waterloo. 

Two children aged 6 and 8 witnessed Helen Karapidis’ ritual murder and reported this to police. The children later won a NSW Victim Compensation claim in court on the basis of witnessing Helen Karapidi’s murder in Hillsong Church. The children also witnessed several other children murdered at that same church.

Police did not investigate the child witnesses’ testimonies, did not conduct forensic investigations at Hillsong Church at Young St, Waterloo. Instead, police targeted the child witnesses and their mother. Case discussion notes from a meeting held regarding this case at the Children’s Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney, and attended by the Department of Children’s Services, stated: ‘Officer John Hesslop said we have concerns about containing the mother.’ Police also targeted Helen Karapidis’ father and tried to frame him for Helen’s abduction. This never stuck…because it was a lie.  

60 Minutes reporter Mike Munroe left Channel 9 after the network failed to air this story. The 60 Minutes team recorded psychiatrist Dr Anne Schlebaum interviewing the 2 witnesses. Royal Commissioner James Wood then slammed Dr Schlebaum and dismissed her report which supported the child witnesses. Judge Patricia ‘Patty’ Bergan was promoted to Supreme Court after tearing apart genuine victims, witnesses and their testimonial evidence at the Wood Royal Commission. 

The mainstream media contributed to the cover up of Helen Karapidis’ murder at Hillsong Church by refusing to report the truth, and by lying in print about the case and reporting terrible untruths about Helen’s father.  

One of the child witnesses to Helen’s ritual murder at Hillsong Church is spending this Christmas in prison. He was recently arrested immediately after his mother spoke with Helen Karapidis’ family and told them for the first time what became of their little girl. He was charged for defending himself after a gang of thugs attacked him. When the victim’s barrister phoned NSW Police for information pertaining to the charges, NSW police allegedly told the barrister to fuck off…  

Will keep you posted regarding how the police handle this case. It may be time for us to send the NSW Police Commissioner Scipione a few Christmas cards…

It is anniversary time for the greatest perversion of justice Australia has never seen or heard. 

Watch George Michael perform “I’m Your Man,” “Freedom 90” and “I Remember You” at London’s Earls Court on his last tour

Flashback: George Michael Plays Final Encore at Last Concert

The tour wrapped at London’s Earls Court on October 17th, 2012. A fan caught most of the encore with a cellphone camera, which you can watch right here. It begins with a medley of “Amazing,” “I’m Your Man” and “Freedom! ’90,” some of the only originals he played all night. It wrapped up with a cover of the Victor Schertzinger/Johnny Mercer 1941 pop song “I Remember You,” which has been covered by everyone from Doris Day to Kenny Rogers. The lyrics take on a new poignancy when you know it’s the last thing he ever sang in public. “When my life is through,” he sings. “And the angels ask me to recall/The thrill of them all/Then I will tell them I remember you.”

Over the next four years there were constant rumors that Wham! was going to reform or Michael was going to head back on the road or record a new album, but there were also steady press reports that he was in failing health. 

Tragically, he died on on Christmas Day in 2016 of unknown causes. 

Πανάγιος Τάφος – Παρουσιάζει τα μοναδικά ευρήματα που έφεραν στο φως οι εργασίες – Βιντεο

Μετά την αποκατάσταση του Ιερού Κουβουκλίου, σειρά έχει ο Ναός της Αναστάσεως, αποκαλύπτει στο ο Πατριάρχης Ιεροσολύμων Θεόφιλος.

Ο μικρός αδερφός του Παντελή Παντελίδη θα ερμηνεύσει τα κομμάτια του

Αυτό κι αν είναι αποκάλυψη! Ο μικρός αδερφός του Παντελή Παντελίδη θα ερμηνεύσει τα κομμάτια του! Δείτε τι αποκάλυψε ο καθηγητής φωνητικής του!

Ο δάσκαλος φωνητικής του μικρότερου αδερφού του Παντελή Παντελίδη, Κωνσταντίνου, μιλάει στην κάμερα του Αποκαλυπτικά και συγκλονίζει!

Λίγες εβδομάδες μετά την κυκλοφορία του καινούργιου τραγουδιού του Παντελή Παντελίδη ο Τέρι Σιγανός ανακοινώνει στην κάμερα του Ε πώς θα κυκλοφορήσουν κι άλλα κομμάτια με την φωνή του Παντελή Παντελίδη και πώς ο μικρότερος αδερφός του Κωνσταντίνος αν και είναι 14 χρονών ακολουθεί πιστά τα βήματα του Παντελή Παντελίδη! Δείτε τι ακριβώς δήλωσε o κάμερα για τον Κωνσταντίνο, τον Παντελή αλλά και την οικογενεια τους:

‘I will never stop missing you’: George Michael’s Australian boyfriend found him dead in bed

George Michael’s Australian boyfriend said it was a Christmas he will never forget after revealing he was the one to find the singer’s lifeless body in bed.

The British pop singer – who shot to fame in the 1980s – died of heart failure at his home on Sunday, according to former manager Michael Lippman.

Since his passing, people have spoken out about Michael’s behind-the-scenes donations to various charities and people in need.

Queensland-born hair stylist Fadi Fawaz (pictured left) paid tribute to his partner, George Michael, on social media. 

Queensland-born hair stylist Fadi Fawaz broke his silence on Twitter in an emotional message that said he will “never stop missing” his partner.

“ITs a xmas i will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning.. I will never stop missing you xx (sic),” Fawaz tweeted.

Fawaz and Michael were together for four years, although their relationship had always been kept private.

They had visited Australia together in 2012.

The pop star’s ex-boyfriend Kenny Goss has also paid tribute to his ex-partner, tweeting: “He was a major part of my life and I loved him very, very much”.

George Michael (right) with his then-boyfriend, Queensland-born Fadi Fawaz, in Sydney in 2012. 

Shortly after his death, multiple people had tweeted about Michael’s secret charity work.

TV presenter Richard Osman said: “A woman on Deal Or No Deal told us she needed £15k for IVF treatment. George Michael secretly phoned the next day and gave her the £15k.”

It has also been reported that the star given a barmaid a $8,500 tip after learning she was a student nurse with debts.

British charities have also said the pop star secretly donated millions of dollars to Childline, Terrence Higgins Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support.

British charities have also said the singer secretly donated millions of dollars to multiple charities. 

George Michael (left) and Andrew Ridgeley (right) in Wham

Michael – real name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou – was also remembered for small acts of kindness: helping his village in north London get a Christmas tree and volunteering at a homeless shelter.

In a statement, the star’s publicist said: “It is with great sadness that we can confirm our beloved son, brother and friend George passed away peacefully at home over the Christmas period”.

“The family would ask that their privacy be respected at this difficult and emotional time. There will be no further comment at this stage.”

There has also been an outpouring of grief from fans, friends, and colleagues saddened by his sudden passing.

George Michael, pictured when he first rose to fame in the 1980s, with his bandmate Andrew Ridgeley

Sir Elton John wrote: “I am in deep shock. I have lost a beloved friend – the kindest, most generous soul and a brilliant artist. My heart goes out to his family and all of his fans. @GeorgeMichael #RIP (sic)”

Whilst George’s Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley added: “Heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend Yog. Me, his loved ones, his friends, the world of music, the world at large. 4ever loved. A xx (sic)”

Michael was due to release a documentary film in 2017 and his 1990 album Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 had been set to be reissued accompanied, Mail Online reported.

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