Etihad works its new Greek connections in SYD, MEL and PER


Aegean Airlines A321, Wikipedia Commons photo

Australia’s Greek air connections have been in a state of neglect for many years, and are something Etihad clearly intends to address with its newly announced codeshare with Greece’s largest airline, Aegean, from 30 March.

The key element isn’t the  four times weekly Aegean A320 service between Abu Dhabi and Athens on which Etihad will codeshare, as it already flies that route daily.

What matters is that Etihad gains integrated booking and selling right across the Greek market  by placing its booking code on beyond Athens connections flown by Aegean to 16 destinations in Greece and its islands, as well as ten cities elsewhere in Europe.

In its statement Etihad emphasises the benefits this will offer Australians flying to the cities on Aegean network via Abu Dhabi. It would also increase Virgin Australia’s selling opportunities to travellers flying to Greece or elsewhere in Europe.

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