Auckland Hellenic Festival & Market Day on Saturday, 3 March 2012


Greek Festival Week – Detailed program


Auckland Hellenic Festival Week:

Sunday, 3 March – Sunday 10 March 2013

Last year we held the inaugural Hellenic Festival & Market Day on Saturday, 3 March 2012. This was limited to just a one‐day event, and despite the stormy weather the night before, and the continuing strong winds and squally weather during the day itself, the event was a huge success. This has encouraged your committee and a group of enthusiastic members to adopt an even more varied and comprehensive program to offer the public and our members.
All events will be held in our Hall and members are warmly invited to attend any or all of the events throughout the week. This year’s program will be:


Sunday, 3 March 7.30pm:

Greek Cinema Evening

Greek cinema evenings have proven popular this summer and we will start the week with a classic Greek movie with sub‐titles. Entry will be free and guests will be able to purchase some light food and drink refreshments.

Monday, 4 March 2013 7:00pm:

Greek Cooking Lessons

The advice that we continue to receive from non‐Greeks is that they would love to be able to attend some Greek cooking lessons. Greek cooking classes will be held for interested parties to learn about preparing some popular Greek dishes, as well as the satisfaction of enjoying these
dishes at the end of the class. Two cooking lessons will be held on separate nights:
Monday, 4 March and Thursday, 7 March 2013.

The entry fee for anyone wishing to enrol for both classes will be $50.00; entry for anyone doing just the one class will be $30.00. The entry fee will cover the cost of the cooking class, a full meal and a complimentary glass of wine for all attendees, along with a printout of the recipe(s).
Enrolments for each class will be limited to no more than 20 people so that those attending can have a good time and enjoy themselves.

Members of our community are naturally good cooks and have an excellent understanding of preparing Greek dishes and so would have no need to attend these classes. However, if you have any non‐Greek friends who would like to take authentic cooking lessons, please encourage them to enroll for one or both of the Greek cooking classes by contacting John Montes (Ph:09950 4919 or 021 773977).

Tuesday, 5 March 7.30pm:

Orthodoxy, its origins, traditions and history [Church]

During last year’s Festival & Market Day, the visits to the church through the day were very steady. People seemed very comfortable with entering the church, walking around, observing various icons and internal church ornamentation, asking questions of Fr Paul and Presvytera Katerina. Others simply lit a candle and sat silently and reverently for a period of time, enjoying the serenity of the church.
Father Paul and Presvytera Katerina will host this evening on Orthodoxy, its origins, traditions, beliefs and history. While this session may be of most interest to people outside of our community and parish, everyone is most welcome to attend and enjoy the evening, which will be held in the evening, to maximise the ambiance of the wonderful candle‐lit interior of our church.
The evening will be especially blessed by the presence of Father Gervasios Raftopoulos, a very eminent clergyman who was nominated in 2012 for the Nobel Peace Prize. His Eminence Archbishop Amfilochios, the head of our Church in New Zealand will also be with us.

Wednesday, 6 March 7.30pm:
Hellenism and its contribution to humanity

Nikos Petousis excelled in delivering his two illustrated presentations during
last year’s festival day. Nikos will deliver an illustrated presentation on Hellenism and its contribution to humanity. Entry is free and everyone is welcome to the presentation that will be no more than 1 hour, followed by informal discussions and light refreshments.

Thursday, 7 March 7.00pm:

Greek Cooking Lessons

This is the second Greek cooking class, in addition to that on Monday, 4 March 2013 (see full details above). Naturally, this will involve a different dish to that prepared on the Monday.
If you have any non‐Greek friends who would like to take authentic cooking lessons, please encourage them to enroll for one or both of the Greek cooking classes by contacting John Montes (Ph: 09 950 4919 or 021 77 39 77).

Saturday, 9 March: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Greek Market Day[Community Hall grounds]

Our market day will feature:

  • home‐made delicacies, cakes and pastries baked by the ladies of the community, along with Greek coffee;
  • imported and locally‐made Greek foodstuffs, such as olives, olive oil, preserves etc will be available for purchase;
  • live music and dancing will take place throughout the day, so people can enjoy a wide range of authentic, rhythmic Greek music performed as well as demonstrations of traditional and popular Greek dances;
  • raffles [donated prizes would be most welcome];
  • outdoor seating for people to enjoy the Greek food treats, music, atmosphere etc;
  • the community’s canvass awning will be set up over the community courtyard between the hall, church and school room, adding to the festive atmosphere;
  • Tavli [backgammon] sets will be available for people to have a game during the day while they enjoy the Greek food, music, atmosphere and fun.

If you wish to help in some way, with the home‐made delicacies, please contact Vassos Stavrianos (Ph: 09 627 5294) or Sophia Katsoulis (Ph: 09 521 6145 or 021 336 849).
Every little bit of help makes a difference to the welfare of your community.
Naturally, we will be heavily promoting the entire festival week and the market day and you can help make this a huge success by attending, by encouraging all your Kiwi and other friends to come to the market day – as well as enjoying what the whole festival week has to offer. We look forward to enjoying a wonderful day with you and many, many others.

Sunday, 10 March 7.30pm:

Greek Cinema Evening

We look forward to ending the festival with another classic Greek movie, with sub‐titles, the day after the market day. Entry will be free and guests will be able to purchase some light food and drink refreshments. Details of the exact movie to be shown will be advised in the near future.


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