Sydney Olympic FC Press Release

Sydney Olympic Football Club Ltd expresses its delight and appreciation with the decision by the City of Canterbury to grant long term tenure agreements to it and to Bulldogs Rugby League Club Ltd for the use of Belmore Sports Ground, Peter Moore Field and Tasker Park for a period of 21 years.

In Council’s recently released Public Notice titled ’Belmore Sportsground/Peter Moore Field — Tasker Park’, it has made public that its decision to grant a lease to the Bulldogs is on the condition that “among other things [it is] obliging the lessee club to in turn grant to Sydney Olympic Football Club Ltd both a partial sublease…of office space within the grandstand…and a periodic licence” for use of the Club for its football fixtures.

The Board is excited with the decision of Council and expects the finalisation of the agreements to the Bulldogs and Olympic to bring all three closer together as members of the culturally diverse City of Canterbury.

Sydney Olympic FC Director Chris Tsioulos expressed his personal delight at the news.

“It’s great to see,” he said. “Belmore has been the home of Sydney Olympic for years, but now we can be sure it will be our home for the next 21 years.”

Tsioulos was quick to point out that the hard work of the Board, in cooperation with Council and the Bulldogs, was crucial to securing the lease.

“It hasn’t been a walk in the park,” Tsioulos grinned, “but our relationship with Canterbury Council and with the Bulldogs is much more positive and stronger as a result,” he stated.

“Our Club now has long-term, 21-year agreements for the use of improved facilities at Tasker Park, Peter Moore Field and of course Belmore Sports Ground, and that’s a great thing.”

The Public Notice from the City of Canterbury can be found online here:–belmore-sportsgroundpeter-moore-field.asp

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