Alexander the Great comes to Sydney

TREASURES from the life and times of Alexander the Great will be exhibited outside Europe for the first time at the Australian Museum in Sydney from this weekend.
Alexander was born in 356 BC and became king of Macedon at 20 and ruler of much of the world at 30.
His story will be told through 400 objects on display at the Australian Museum from November 24.
It is the first time the collection Alexander the Great: 2000 years of treasure from the State Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia, will be on display outside of Europe.
The only other place to host the exhibition is the State Hermitage in Amsterdam.
Australian Museum director Frank Howarth said the collection was a major coup for Australia.
“It’s a vote of confidence from the State Hermitage that we can look after and tell the amazing story of a truly amazing man,” he said on Thursday.

“He’s intriguing – he’s somewhere between a rock star persona and a military genius who could hold power over 100,000 soldiers.”
A team of 29 curators accompanied the exhibition from Russia.
Researcher Fran Dorey said the collection will explore what the world looked like when Alexander took over as King of Macedonia in 336 BC, as well as tracing his campaigns and influence on western civilisation.
The exhibition will run until April 28 next year and is subject to timed entry in order to cope with the anticipated crowds.