Snowy ride 2012 is a good cause but it takes its toll


Snowy Ride 2012:


Two bikers were injured, one critically, in separate incidents near Charlottes Pass and Berridale at the weekend.

The men were part of the annual Snowy Ride that attracts nearly 3,000 riders and raises funds for children’s cancer research.

Inspector Chris Varley says some riders need to upgrade their skills.

“They are obviously not very experienced,” he said,

“That’s a bit of a problem we find, that an event like the Snowy Ride, whilst it’s a great event and it’s for a great cause, we have a lot of people who come down who have very little experience in motorcycling.

“Because of the terrain, some of them come unstuck very, very easily.”

Snowy Ride organisers say they are working with police to improve safety for the event.

The Steven Walter Foundation says the rally is designed to spread riders across a broad area over the weekend to eliminate big groups.

The foundation’s spokeswoman, Sue Walters, says most do not speed or take risks.

But she says others treat the ride as a race or are just inexperienced.

“They’ve been riders when they were younger and now, going 20 years down the track getting on a bike, without really doing any refresher courses,” Ms Walters said.

“Their brains are back when they’re 18 but they’re now 40 and they need to be a little bit cautious or go and do a Stay Upright course or something like that just to get their ability back and understand what it’s like to ride down here and to ride long distances.”