Vasilis Vasilas’ interview with Giorgos Koulouris’ tailoring shop in Dulwich Hill closed after 37 years of operation

When a shop closes…

It is such a sad experience when a shop closes for the last time, especially after many years of operation. 

This is the case of Giorgos Koulouris’ tailoring shop in Dulwich Hill, which recently closed after thirty-seven years of operation! 

Vasilis was fortunate enough to interview Giorgos on the second last day before the final close. 

It was an emotional experience, as so many of Giorgos’ customers and friends continually dropped into the shop to farewell Giorgos…

As Vasilis points out, ‘Giorgos’ shop was much more than a shop; over the years, it became a small community, as the shop was a place for the local Greeks to come and meet, and exchange views on all sorts of issues. 

As these customers came to say their goodbyes to Giorgos, you could see that both Giorgos and the customers were saddened by the closure of the shop. The customers were part of Giorgo’s life but Giorgos was part of their lives too.

Giorgos and his wonderful character, zest, and humour will be sadly missed…


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