Greek Fasion Designer CELIA KRITHARIOTI – Haute Couture Spring Summer Full Show 2017 Paris

Celia Kritharioti, one of the most famous fashion designers in Greece, has her own fashion house in the heart of the Plaka in the center of Athens, where history meets myth. Where the imagination is vital.

A life devoted to unspeakable elegance.

In perpetual bubbling intellectual, Paris fantasy was an obvious to present its creations.

His collection is full of positive energy; that of the dream and the heart, and consequently of the body: flowers which flourish on most of the creations, laces with pale shades.

YELLOW, solar and festive, and the ROSE, heart and love. But also the BLUE AZUR symbolizing creation and human ties. And then WHITE and SILVER for innocence and generosity.

No color without an obscure part, the BLACK comes to emphasize the whole.

Exceptional embroideries, fringes according to body movements, vaporous feathers, organzas, hand-cut pancakes, tulle and ruffles, elaborate braids and then spring cotton lace.

The flowery gardens of our heart, in a pleiades of fabrics full of flowers, remind us that when we search for our inner spring even if we are not born in Paris we can always be reborn.

(Spring 2017 – Source: ImaxTree)

Street Fashion at Couture Spring 2017: Attendees, Models

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Celia Kritharioti Couture Spring Summer 2017 Paris

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