GREECE YEAR ZERO is a cinematic essay with the theme of Greece

GREECE YEAR ZERO is a cinematic essay with the theme of Greece in turmoil in the last century. Created with a startling wealth of previously unseen archival footage, GREECE YEAR ZERO is a haunting essay film with a searching tonality throughout. It is a film loaded with astonishing historical revelations.. Never seen before material and images about the largely unknown Greek Famine of 1941-43 have been boldly unearthed from London and Athens. My mission through this film is to cover the darkest hours of Greece in the last 100 years.This is my first film and magic trick of my career; to collapse a century into under 77 minutes and prove how vital Greece was to the sanctity of Europe and the world 70 years ago.

It’s a project years in the making that has been very hard to keep secret given my passion for this story. We have all become like brothers through the process. I have seen the film and I became quite emotional about it. When I think back, what inspires me the most in my photography is cinema. The film is scheduled for a Fall 2016 release and I can’t wait to attend one of the openings. I hope all of you have a chance to see it as it provides a different lens on the history of Greece.

Director: Dannis Koromilas

Writer: Dannis Koromilas

Stars: Alex Karzis, Vasilis Vasilikos

Alex Karzis

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