Greek origin Turkish citizen appointed to Imbros Municipal Police

Karanikolas GR TR IBNANicholas Karanikolas is a Greek origin Turkish citizen living permanently on the island of Imbros and recently appointed to the municipal police.

Karanikolas submitted his application for this position last April and the new mayor of the island, Cetin Unal, decided he be appointed to the position in March 2014.

The policeman speaking to the Turkish newspaper Zaman said that his colleagues treat him nicely and is like a family and added that so far he has not faced any difficulty due to his origin.

“I am very happy to work in the Municipality. God bless our mayor”, Karanikolas said to the turkish newspaper.

The mayor of the island said that the appointment of Nicholas promotes the Greco-Turkish friendship and added that the Greek population of the island appreciates very much the fact that a Greek in origin was appointed to the police.

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