This maps shows where the world’s internet cables go

The world's internet doesn't come...

The world’s internet doesn’t come from nowhere. Source: Supplied

YOU are probably reading this on your phone on some wireless connection right now, but that data had to physically come from somewhere.

So how does it all connect? Through undersea cables, of course. This map created by TeleGeography shows where every cable comes from and where it connects.

Interestingly, every cable in Australia comes into Sydney or Western Australia, while if you take a look at Southern Asia and Europe, it looks like a complete jumble of cables going and coming from every direction. Australia also feeds New Zealand two out of three internet cables.

If you really love your maps, you can even order a print for $US250 to hang in the office.

So it shows that supplying the world with a digital connection actually involves a lot of complicated infrastructure. Take a moment to look at this interactive map and truly appreciate the marvel of your tweet travelling along those cables for the world to see in a split second.

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