Greece OK’s U.S. Base Use Against Syria

A French pilot gives a thumbs-up before taking off in a Mirage 2000 fighter jet from the Greek air base at Souda, which the U.S. could use to launch strikes on Syria.

Washington has asked Greece for permission to use its military bases in Kalamata and Souda for a possible strike on Syria over the alleged use of toxic gas in Ghouta on the eastern outskirts of Damascus.

The two bases in Peloponnesus and on Crete would be used by the American air force and navy for transportation purposes.

The Greek government has given the green light but stated that it will not take part in any direct military action in Syria for fear of reprisals.

According to reports, the US authorities are reluctant to use Turkish military bases because of Ankara’s strong support for the Assad opposition.A buildup of warplanes and military transporters has been reported at the British airbase at Akrotiri in Cyprus, less than 100 miles from Syria.

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