Robert Pires spotted in stands at Greek match, gets invited to play second half, scores

While enjoying his unofficial retirement in the small town of Rafina on the Greek coast, 39-year-old Arsenal legend Robert Pires decided to attend a friendly between local side Storm Rafina and AO Mykonos.

It obviously didn’t take long for others at the match to notice that a World Cup winner was in their midst and with the home side trailing at halftime, they decided to ask Pires for a favor: to play the second half for them.

Having not played a professional match since he left Aston Villa in 2011, Pires took them up on the offer and proved the old saying that “class is permanent” by scoring one and setting up another for Storm Rafina in the second half to push them to a 3-2 win.

After the match, Pires hung around to take pictures with fans.

And that was a day in the life of Robert Pires.

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